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10 Beautiful Eyots in River Thames

10 Beautiful Eyots in River Thames

This blog post tells you about all the attractions of the River Thames in England, its tributaries that you can ride on small boats and all the small eyots in river Thames. At the outset, let me explain what is meant by ‘eyots’. Eyots are small islands formed naturally by sediments over the years on Thames River. The synonyms of eyots are: Islands Aits Initially, such naturally formed mounds may not be suitable to set afoot but […]

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12 Beautiful Islands and Islets of Croatia near Dubrovnik

Islands and Islets of Croatia

This blog post takes you to 12 very beautiful islands and islets of Croatia, near its Dubrovnik city. All the twelve islands are located in the Adriatic Sea and they exude old world charm and elegance. Croatia has about 1200+ islands and islets on the Adriatic Sea. Not surprisingly, only 48 of the islands of Croatia are inhabited. I have chosen some of the islands and islets of Croatia that are located close to Dubrovnik city to […]

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18 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in South Island, New Zealand

Beautiful Waterfalls in South Island

Do you remember reading one of my earlier posts titled “scenic road trips in South Island” wherein I have mentioned that the South Island in New Zealand has more breathtaking natural attractions than its counterpart North Island? I have decided to elaborate on my claim by writing about 18 most beautiful waterfalls in South Island, New Zealand. New Zealand’s rivers are creating several thrilling ‘rapids’ before forming waterfalls. I like waterfalls that are hidden from the main […]

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Have You Seen These 6 Incredibly Beautiful Islands of Africa?

Islands of Africa

I know you have seen the top 5 Islands of Africa that are: Reunion Islands Madagascar Mauritius Zanzibar Seychelles No island lover who is addicted to visiting the Islands of Africa can make up his mind to visit other excellent island getaways in Europe, Asia, and Polynesia. Islands of Africa are too beautiful and too diverse to point out a couple of reasons for the love of them. They carry the real meaning of ‘exotic islands’ The […]

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Islands and Islets Travel Guide to Bijagós Islands

Bijagós Islands

Does the islands’ name sound new to you? I too came to know of this West African archipelago two days before only. Since then, I have been gathering travel information pertaining to these 88 islands group that has another name Bijagós Islands. I trust this name is more familiar than Bissagos. We will also stick to the better-known name in this travel guide. Location of Bijagós Islands They are located on the Atlantic Ocean, on the west […]

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9 Minor Islands of Japan that are Highly Visited

Minor Islands of Japan

Japan has a whopping 6852 islands, of them 6000 are the minor islands of Japan. Japan comprises of 4 major islands namely: Hokkaido Honshu Shikoku Kyushu The Japanese capital Tokyo is located in Honshu Island which comprises the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. Do you know how many islands are in Japan? There are 6,852 major and minor islands of Japan. To the majority of us, visiting Japan means going to Tokyo and get back to hometown. […]

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The Breathtaking Canadian Islands You Must Visit At Least Once

You must be wondering why I used the word, worthy of visiting’ the islands of Canada. You must know that there are a whopping 30,000 islands are in Canada! Surely, there is no way of even listing how many of the Canadian Islands are uninhabited and that leaves the islands in Canada that are inhabited which can be less than 5%. This is only a rough estimate as there is no official figure of the number of […]

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Islands and Islets Travel guide to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

The most striking aspect of Papua New Guinea that made me look up its location in the atlas is the number of languages spoken. The permanent residents of Papua New Guinea speak as many as 852 languages! Yes, 852 languages are being spoken and this means there are as many clans living in that island in Southwestern Pacific Ocean. The countless clans of people living across the near mystery island are clustered in groups of communities. Another […]

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4 Least Visited Island Countries in Oceania Region

kiribati Least Visited Island Countries in Oceania

Oceania is a geographical region located in the South Pacific Ocean. It has many countries that are islands. Do you know that even Australia and New Zealand are part of the Oceania region? Some of the islands of Oceania belong to different other big countries including Australia. All the islands on the South Pacific Ocean are stunning to look at. Their beauty cannot be compared even with the Hawaiian Islands. However, all these Oceania Islands are not […]

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Islands and Islets Travel Guide: Menorca Island

Menorca Island

I think the below image of this Spanish island will captivate you. Look at the boats that seem to be floating above the water (not on the water). This mirage is so because the water is unbelievably clear. That’s Menorca Island for you. So, after an African island (Pemba) visit, we move on to Spain’s Balearic Islands and to be more specific, the Menorca Island, the smaller of the three main Balearic Islands on the Mediterranean sea. […]

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