4 Martinis To Indulge In

4 Martinis To Indulge In

Martinis are traditionally defined as a simple but elegant drink made from gin and dry vermouth with a garnish of cucumber slice, lemon twist, or olive. However, many variations of the standard martini have popped up over the years and in different locations. Whether you take it shaken or stirred, here are four martinis to indulge in.

1. Espresso Martinis

While not recommended to drink during breakfast, espresso martinis can offer the pick-me-up that caffeine and even the taste of coffee so often provide. A typical espresso martini recipe includes ingredients such as espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, and ice. This rich drink is more often indulged in during dinnertime rather than breakfast as it is best paired with an equally rich dessert or hearty meal. Some foods to consider eating along with this martini include:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Chili or beef stew
  • Traditional cheesecake
  • A charcuterie board with a variety of sliced meats and cheeses

As with a regular cup of coffee, the quality of the coffee used in an espresso martini will greatly affect its taste, so choose wisely. Even those who are not fans of the taste of regular coffee should give this sweet drink a try.

2. Dirty Martinis

Dirty martinis are a twist on the traditional martini and are made with olive brine mixed in with the gin and dry vermouth. This gives the beverage a savory taste preferred by many who enjoy salty foods. The brine is nothing fancy and usually simply consists of the leftover juice from the jar of green cocktail olives. Consider ordering this martini “extra dirty” for an even higher proportion of brine to vermouth. Three other ways to order this drink include:

  • Shaken, which distributes ice particles throughout the drink and gives it an airier texture, leading to a slightly more watered-down drink.
  • Stirred, which ensures that the martini tastes cold without distributing any excess ice particles throughout the drink, leading to a stronger taste.
  • Stright up, which is a dirty martini that is prepared with ice to make sure that it is chilled but is then strained so that the drink you receive contains no ice.

Regardless of how you order this cocktail, give the dirty martini a try if you are a fan of olives or savory foods in general.

3. Saketinis

Saketinis take the traditional rice beverage sake and incorporates it into a martini. In this case, the sake replaces the vermouth so the martini still has that traditional gin flavor. Sakes come in several different flavors so check to see if the bar where you are ordering can include flavored sake in your saketini. Japanese cucumbers are traditional garnishes for sake martinis, although less traditional garnishes such as lychee may also appear on your martini. Foods to pair with a saketini are similar to the foods you would pair with straight sake, including:

  • Sushi, nigiri, or sashimi
  • Spicy ramen
  • A cheese plate consisting of cheddar, gouda, brie, and gorgonzola

If you enjoy the dry taste of sake, a sake martini could be worth trying the next time you visit a sake bar.

4. Spicy Martinis

Spicy martinis include martinis made with ingredients that pack some heat. Some of the ingredients you might see in a spicy martini include:

Spicy martinis are a good option for sipping during a hearty meal of tacos, enchiladas, curry, or Sichuan noodles.

The next time you visit a bar that specializes in cocktails and martinis, take advantage of the bartender’s skill and knowledge and order one of these variations of the traditional martini.