Caravan Guide: 4 Different Kinds of Caravan Air Conditioner


Ensuring that you’re comfortable and cool inside your caravan should always be your top priority. Your caravan is your home when you’re on the road so you need to ensure that it answers to all your needs — your comfort most especially. Hence, choosing the best air conditioner for your caravan is an important decision. You wouldn’t want to feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable while on the road so you should make it a point to choose the best air conditioner for your caravan. To help you on your search, we will enlist the four different kinds of caravan air conditioners. Knowing each and the difference between each kind will help you to easily determine the best air conditioner for your caravan.

4 Different Kinds of Caravan Air Conditioner

#1: Portable Air Conditioning

Light and space-saving, a portable caravan air conditioner is perfect for you if your van has limited space. Portable caravan air conditioners come in small sizes that can be placed in any free space around your caravan. They come in models that are mobile so they can easily be placed in any part of your caravan that needs extra cooling.

Portable air conditioners are the easiest to use. They can be used instantly without the need for meticulous and careful installation. You simply have to plug them and you’re set.

Portable caravan air conditioners are not as powerful as other kinds so it’s best to have all your caravan doors and windows fully closed when they are in use. This will ensure that your caravan stays cool and comfortable at all times.

#2: Vent-free Air Conditioning

You don’t need a dedicated window for vent-free air conditioners. They have a simple mechanism that does not require complex installation. You can easily operate them without expert help.

Pretty much like a portable air conditioner, vent-free air conditioners can be placed on any part of your caravan. They also come in small sizes so they’re all perfect for caravan owners with limited space. Vent-free air conditioners come with fan-only functions that allow for highly energy-efficient road trips.  If you’re looking to buy a caravan airconditioning unit that is environment-friendly, you should opt for a vent-free caravan air conditioner.

#3: Rooftop Air Conditioning

This kind of conditioner is highly space-saving due to its roof placement. However, it requires meticulous and complex installation that should only be done by qualified experts.

Long-time caravanners prefer rooftop air conditioning because it can easily cool an entire van in no time. With one, you’d have everyone enjoying cool air descending upon them all the time during road trips. Due to placement, people often think that rooftop air conditioning can affect a caravan’s wind resistance. But such is not the case. Rooftop air conditioning is loved by many because they also don’t produce any form of noise. With one, you can always be sure that you’d have a peaceful sleep every night.

If you don’t mind the additional bulky look that a rooftop air conditioner would create when installed, you should opt for one as it is highly space-saving and extremely cooling.Caravan Guide: 4 Different Kinds of Caravan Air Conditioner

#4: Window Air Conditioning

Window air conditioners will be best for you if you have limited space and can only cater to very limited renovation. With one, any space that will allow for a window installation will do. Hence, installing one is simpler and faster. The cool thing with window air conditioners is they can turn off by themselves whenever your desired room temperature is already attained. Window air conditioners are also noiseless.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions among caravaners who are looking for an air conditioner:

Which air conditioner is best if I have a big caravan?

A mounted air conditioner is best for big caravans. Mounted air conditioners have the capacity to easily cool big spaces. They will also not take up extra space in your caravan as they will be mounted and not take up any floor space. To effectively cool a big caravan, you should look for an air conditioner with 18,000 BTUs.

Which air conditioner is best if I have a small caravan?

A portable air conditioner is best if you have a small caravan. A portable air conditioner can fit in any space and won’t take up much of your floor space. You need to take note though it does not come with ultra-powerful cooling functions. It can only ever significantly cool a particular area of your van. If you only want your sleeping space to be particularly cool, then you should opt for a portable air conditioner.

Which air conditioner is best if I want to be energy-efficient?

Mounted reverse cycle air conditioners are the most energy-efficient. This is the case because they can also serve as heaters. Air conditioners with advanced fan functions are also highly energy-efficient.

Which air conditioner is best if I want something lightweight?

If you want something lightweight, you should opt for a portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are extremely light and space-saving. With one, you won’t have to worry about added weight on your vehicle. As it is portable, it is also mobile and can be freely moved from one part of the van to another. This will make it easy for you to even out weight distribution at any given time. You should note though that they don’t have extremely powerful cooling functions.