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Top Tips and Proper Guide about Moving to Island

Island hopping Guide

 Moving to Island is a big decision, but with the right preparation it is easy. The first thing that you need to do is find a good moving company will give you all the necessary information that you need before you start your journey. A guide about moving to Island is one of the things that you should have before you start your move. A guide about moving to Island helps you in a lot of ways […]

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Tonga Islands, South Pacific Ocean- Travel Guide

Tonga Islands, South Pacific Ocean

This is a travel guide to Tonga Islands that are located in the South Pacific Ocean. If you ask me which islands in the world are considered authentically exotic, I will not hesitate to name all the islands that are floating in the South Pacific. The Polynesia and Micronesia comprise stunningly exotic islands in the world. Almost every island name that you come across in the South Pacific Ocean comprises several islands and islets, the majority of […]

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Things to Do in Ibiza Island, Spain

Things to Do in Ibiza Island

This is a complete travel guide to do the best things to do in Ibiza Island, Mediterranean Sea, Spain. Spanish islands are the least mentioned island escapes on the web. I have been blogging about several islands in the world. I rarely come across the islands of Spain. Today, I stumbled onto an old article that covered the ten best places to see in Ibiza. The title spurred me to look up Ibiza on the internet. I […]

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8 Less Crowded Asian Islands to Explore

Less Crowded Asian Islands

Get to know these 8 most beautiful but less crowded Asian islands. Island escape during summer is popular among holidaymakers all over the world. People in Europe mostly visit European Islands because of familiar climatic conditions. Americans invariably fly to the Hawaiian Islands while the Australians escape to the South Pacific Islands and Oceania that include Micronesia, Polynesia, Fiji, and Tuvalu. Africans generally do not go out of their continent except the South Africans. Asians have a […]

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12 Exciting Active Adventures in New Zealand

Active Adventures in New Zealand

What are the available active adventures in New Zealand? Are the tourists to the land of Kiwis only interested in seeing the top cities of New Zealand or do they show interest in participating in thrilling adventure sports that include: Bungee jumping Jet Boating Rappelling White water rafting Water skiing I think the majority of the tourists to New Zealand show a keen interest in touring through big cities such as Christchurch, Dunedin, and Wellington. Of course, […]

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Cape Verde islands Travel Guide

Cape Verde islands Travel Guide

Cape Verde islands are a chain of 10 islands off the western coast of Africa. Location of Cape Verde archipelago. The Cape Verde located in the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest mainland is the Cape Vert peninsula, Senegal, West Africa. The distance between Cape Verde and Cape Vert is 530 km. How to reach Cape Verde? There are seven international airports located in as many Cape Verde islands. Regular flights are operated from London and Lisbon. The flying […]

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12 Most beautiful islands in the world

Most beautiful islands in the world

 There are literally countless islands on our planet earth. However, certainly, not all of them are most beautiful islands in the world. What are the parameters of most beautiful islands in the world? When it comes to scenic islands, generally, the size of the islands doesn’t matter-right? An island’s overall beauty depends on various factors such as: The backdrop of a mountain or a rocky cliff overlooking the beach Hotels and resorts on an elevated plateau with […]

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21 Top Things to Do in Maui Island Hawaii

Top Things to Do in Maui

Fun and top things to do in Maui, water sports, recommended places to eat and interesting places to see in Maui Island, Hawaii. Maui needs no introduction. It is a world-famous island in Hawaii and is considered a real paradise on earth. Comprising a whopping 1900 (approximately), it is the second-largest of all the Hawaiian Islands. Please be aware that Hawaii is a state of the United States. It comprises a total of 15 islands, islets, […]

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Langkawi Island Malaysia: The Jewel of Kedah

Langkawi Island Malaysia

Read a detailed travel guide to Langkawi Island Malaysia, its locations and accessibility, things to do in Langkawi Island, places to stay and what to eat there. At the outset, have you ever heard of some islands that stay usually submerged but surface when the tides are low? There are 5 such islands, obviously uninhabited and belong to Langkawi archipelago, Malaysia. Langkawi archipelago A total of 99 islands comprise the Langkawi archipelago. They all belong to “Kedah”, […]

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9 Danish Islands That You Can Visit Immediately

Do the Danish people take pains to visit islands of Europe other than their own Danish islands? Will they miss anything if they don’t go to other European islands that include: Greek Islands Croatian Islands Swedish Islands Norwegian Islands Portuguese Islands Spanish Islands and so on? I doubt the Danish people would venture beyond the 70 plus inhabited islands of their own country. In fact, even excluding Greenland, the world’s single largest island owned by Denmark, there […]

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