After you’ve decided where you’re going and who you’ll be traveling with, it’s time to think about how you’ll be making this trip memorable.

You might not realize this now, but planning your activities and knowing how you’ll be making the most of your time is crucial. Because let’s be honest, not all of us always remember our vacations fondly.

Something has to go wrong. And we’re sure each of us can recall at least one vacation that was a complete disaster.

You didn’t have anything fun to do. Your company was short-tempered and disinterested, or your children were too loud, and you returned home with a frown.

But to avoid a repeat of this scenario, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities for an unforgettable vacation.

Now, activities to do on vacation can vary depending on the time of year and the location. We attempted to create a compilation, offering you a little bit of everything.

We encourage you to use your imagination and adapt our suggestions to your situation.

Let’s get started!

  1. Plan a picnic in a park 

There’s a good chance you’ll find a park near where you’re going. Even Pigeon Forge, one of Tennessee’s busiest tourist cities, has dozens of parks to visit.

So why not spend one day (or many days) of your vacation at the park if the weather permits? You should ideally bring a picnic blanket with you on your vacation.

And in terms of accommodation, choose condos for privacy if you’re traveling as a couple. Google condos in pigeon forge tn to find affordable condos once you’re there.

Just make sure that the hotel you select is near the park that you plan to have a picnic in, so you won’t be facing any troubles with your commute.

Furthermore, some hotels keep extra blankets and bedding in their closets, which is another cost-effective option for you. Take advantage of any complimentary breakfast or buffet offered by your hotel.

  1. Mountain biking + hiking

Spending your time biking allows you to take it down a notch and soak in your surroundings.

Mountain biking or hiking can also give even the most jaded adrenaline junkie a rush. In contrast,  cycling may provide a quieter experience.

It is very easy to rent a bike at tourist attractions.

  1. Visit a beach (it does not have to be the ocean

Suppose you’re fortunate enough to be vacationing in a location with a fantastic beach; take advantage of it.

Beaches are a great free activity to do while on vacation. You can spend an entire day at the beach walking, taking in the serenity of the surroundings, or even just watching the sunrise or sunset.

Many of the places you visit may have a lake with a beach area where you can relax. Lake Tahoe in Chicago is an example.

In Miami, beaches with walking trails are excellent spots to hang out with friends or family.

  1. Take part in some games. 

We become so preoccupied with work, the news, social media, bills to pay, and the other stresses of a busy life that we don’t leave much time for family fun.

You get away from those mental and physical interruptions when you go on vacation. So why not take a few hours to get back to basics?

Charades is a classic game that requires only a few eager participants and a random selection of titles from movies, books, plays, and TV shows.

You could also try to play “two truths and a lie” and discover some surprising facts about the people in your life. Apart from that, travel board games are inexpensive, popular, and will last you for years.

So before you leave, pack a few. And, hey, if you have young children, hide and seek is always a hit.

  1. Shop like crazy

Whether you like to find unique gifts to bring back to friends or love the access to fashion and design that you can’t get at home, shopping on vacation is fun!

Outstanding stock, original storefronts, one-of-a-kind accessories, handcrafted wonders – there’s something for everyone no matter where you go.

Plus, when you buy from a local artisan, you’re supporting them and their community while also bringing a piece of the place and the memories you’ve made there.

In cities, look for shopping tours or plan ahead of time to visit stores you wouldn’t usually see to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Amass free souvenirs 

Spending a few hours looking for free keepsakes to take home with the family (or even on your own) is a great way to spend some time with them.

The most apparent keepsakes are shells, soil, and rocks; however, sea glass is also a great treasure and looks excellent.

Collect a few chestnuts or pine cones if you’re near a forest. If you’re in for a more urban setting, free matchbooks from hotels and bars make excellent souvenirs.

Some people even gather drink coasters or menus. Others like to be inventive and request free samples from candy stores or objects at craft stores. The sky’s the limit as long as you’re not taking something valuable without permission.

  1. Visit free museums 

Museums are no longer the stuffy old hangouts they once were. Or, at least, that’s what people thought they were.

Today’s museums have embraced pop culture and used cutting-edge technology to create some fun and family-friendly exhibitions.

While many museums worldwide charge admission fees, a few will let you in for free at any time of year.

The Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C., for example, include the American History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the National History Museum, all of which are entirely free to visit. Others are available on specific days.

  1. Take unique and funky pictures. 

Lovely views and your family make for fantastic photographs but think outside the box—spice things up a bit.

Start taking pictures of anything, whether it’s wildlife and birds, old cars, food, and flowers, or even light posts or bridges.

Allow your children to photograph their favorite stuffed animal against a beautiful backdrop. Whatever piques your interest, there’s a photograph for it.


So are you ready to have fun on your vacation?

In the end, it all comes down to the type of vacation you want. Every traveler is unique; however, it is critical to recognize that there is more to discover a new vacation spot than what is written in a guidebook. So take the time to look beyond the apparent when planning a trip.

Doing the activities listed above on a trip can provide you with a richer experience that you will remember for years to come.