Important notes you need you know before renting a car in Greece

Crete, Greece

Car rent in Greece is in great demand. The demand is so hight actually that during the “high” season you won’t be even able to find yourself a car to hire. That’s why if you don’t want to ruin your vacation you need to book it in advance.

There are several reasons for such popularity:

  1. Using the car you will be able to reach almost every historical landmark. This is exceptionally applicable to islands, on which, as a rule, there is no developed communication system. There are no highways and tourist buses rarely visit truly interesting places.
  2. In Greece, regular buses are not that frequent. Traveling on a bus through Greece is just a waste of your precious time.
  3. Beaches! You can’t really reach them without a car.
  4. For some strange reason, hotels and apartments has it’s own their own parking area.
  5. Exploring Greece on your own is cheaper than taking a tour package. Not to mention the fact that it will be much more pleasant for you to travel on your own, instead of with some random people.

Estimating your budget

In Greece, just like in the rest of the world, there is a rule that applies to car rentals: the longer the period for which you take a car the lower price you’ll get.

So just for the sake of estimating your budget, we chose the most popular destination for tourists, that is why we will compare prices for car rental in Crete.

Down below we will show you the approximate prices for car rent during the “high season”, during winter prices can be 20-30% lower, keep that in mind.

Compact cars with an engine of 1.1-1.2 liters:

  • A one-day car rental would be 40-45 Euros per day
  • A weekly rent starts from 36-40 Euros per day
  • Two weeks and more starting from 30 Euros per day

Middle-class cars

  • A one-day car rental would be 65+ Euros per day
  • A weekly rent starts from 55+ Euros per day
  • Two weeks and more starting from 45-50 Euros per day

SUVs and luxury cars

  • A one-day car rental would be 95-100+Euros per day
  • A weekly rent starts from 75-85 Euros per day
  • Two weeks and more starting from 65+ Euros per day

How to return your car

  • Be at agreed place on time
  • The car must be clean so not to hinder the inspection
  • The manager will conduct a visual inspection of the car. Making sure that there are no scratches and dents on it.
  • If the deposit was blocked on your card, the “unblocking process” occurs immediately but the amount itself may become available only after some time (up to 3 days on average). So you shall no worry, this is a normal practice and your “frozen” fund will be returned to you soon enough.
  • Be sure to take a transaction receipt from the manager.

Hope you enjoyed our little guide!

Safe travels!