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Latest List of 16 Beautiful Black Sand Beaches in the World

Black Sand Beaches

Go through this latest list of beautiful black sand beaches spread across various countries and continents in the world. Black sand beaches are certainly odd to look at. I suspect many people would even consider black sand on a beach, ugly. Whatever may be the opinion, beaches that wear black sand exist in various countries spread across almost all the continents. I feel, black colored sand on a beach is attractive in a way. Some would say, […]

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7 Beautiful Black Sand Beaches in Auckland, New Zealand

Black Sand Beaches, New Zealand

Did  You ever visit New Zealand? When you read or hear about a beach, you instantly visualize white or dull-golden color sand beaches bordering the deep blue color sea. In fact, the most common color of the beach is we identify with ‘sand color’. However, our Earth is a planet full of irregularities. As the color of the oceans varies from various shades of blue and green, their beach color too varies. There are white sand beaches, […]

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