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12 Beautiful Islands and Islets of Croatia near Dubrovnik

Islands and Islets of Croatia

This blog post takes you to 12 very beautiful islands and islets of Croatia, near its Dubrovnik city. All the twelve islands are located in the Adriatic Sea and they exude old world charm and elegance. Croatia has about 1200+ islands and islets on the Adriatic Sea. Not surprisingly, only 48 of the islands of Croatia are inhabited. I have chosen some of the islands and islets of Croatia that are located close to Dubrovnik city to […]

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6 Best Islands in Europe in 2021


If anyone decides to go to an island for a holiday, Europe is the best choice because the options for Best Islands are really wider than any other continent in the world. Take, for example, the Greek Islands; it comprises of a whopping 6000 best islands. You require a lifetime of holidays to visit all those 6000 islands. Of course, only 227 Greek islands are inhabited but who prevents you from stepping on an uninhabited island? To […]

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