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5 Enchanting Reasons to Explore the Channel Islands Today

Channel Islands

Channel Islands National Park is a big attraction in California. These islands are the pride of the Californians. They attract thousands of tourists from other states in the U.S. and also from the other side of the Gulf of Mexico. The archipelago comprises 8 islands located in the 700 km long California Bight. Out of the eight Channel Islands, 5 are located in the northern part of the 8 islands archipelago. Santa Barbara Channel is the divider […]

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Best Travel Guide to Kythera Island: 4 Enchanting Places

Kythera Island

I am taking you to Kythera Island, Greece, but this time, far off from Athens. When you search the web for this island with the above spelling, you will notice a few more: Cythera Kithira Interesting Fact, Kythera was once a Spartan island. Location of Kythera: The island is located about 200 km south of Athens. You can see it at the southern tip of Peloponnese peninsula. Kythera Island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is […]

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Discover 5 Hidden Gems in Magical Valley of Blue Holes!

Valley of Blue Holes

Have you seen the Valley Of Blue Holes? Let us visit. This featured image is called a ‘blue hole’ that is also known as a ‘sink hole’, an amazing marine phenomenon. What is a Blue Hole? In marine geography, it is known as a ‘cave’’.   They occur wherever the sea bed is full of coral reefs, and limestone rocks. We know that caves are usually formed out of limestone rocks. Below is an example. Blue Holes differ […]

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Top 20 Things to Do in Mauritius Islands

Top 20 Things to Do in Mauritius Islands

Mauritius islands lies in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa, some 2000 km away. It comprises 4 main islands, and over 100 small islands, and islets, where no one lives on the far-flung islands. Its nearest neighbor is the large island of Madagascar. Both Mauritius and Madagascar are hot tourist destinations. The African island country’s geography comprises rolling hills, and verdant grasslands. The naturally beautiful landscape, rich wildlife, and exotic culture, and cuisine are some of the […]

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Donousa Island Greece Travel Guide

Donousa Island

Did you notice the mountain behind Donousa Island gently rises? The easy slope is so appealing. For the majority of the readers of this travel site that deals exclusively with islands, and islets in the world, This island must sound new. It is a little-known island, but that doesn’t take away the beauty and freshness of its unspoiled beaches, and coves. Overview of Donousa Island: It is part of the Cyclades islands that are floating in the […]

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Handy Travel Guide to Syros Island Greece

Travel Guide to Syros Island Greece

By this time, you might have identified Syros island is a Greek Island. The name of the island that is ending with ‘os’ is suggestive. The Greek Islands archipelago is the most visited islands group in the world. I think the Caribbean, and Indonesian islands are ranked only after the islands in Greece. This post will be a handy travel guide to Syros Island Greece that is fondly called the ‘’Lady of the Aegean Islands’. The seas […]

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Travel Guide to Aitutaki Island: 12 Hidden Gems

Aitutaki island

Wow! I think is the best example of the word, ‘surreal’. Though it is too beautiful an island to be true, but it is true, and real, mate!  The picture is of one of the atolls that belong to Aitutaki Island. The atoll’s name is Tapuaetai. From the picture, you can easily conclude the atoll is a sheer tropical paradise.  The turquoise color of the sea and the contrasting white sand indicate, the sea is South Pacific […]

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Kalymnos Island: Best Underrated Greek Island to Visit

Kalymnos Island

There are several islands in Greece that have not reached the bloggers’ notepad yet. There are as many as 6000 islands in Greece. Our destination today, the Kalymnos Island, is one of them.These thousands of Greek Islands are floating in the following sea. Aegean Sea in the east Mediterranean Sea in the south Ionian Sea in the west. The Aegean Sea hosts nearly 2000 islands of Greece. Overview of the Kalymnos Island: It belongs to the Dodecanese […]

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Sir Bani Yas Island Travel Guide in 2024

Sir Bani Yas Island Travel Guide

Even to those who frequently travel to the financially rich Middle East countries (gulf countries) may not be aware of several sunny islands that belong to different sovereigns. Here is the Sir Bani Yas Island Travel Guide. The majority of the travellers to the Arabian gulf countries are either on business or employees working for 100s of corporate giants. They usually don’t tour the country of their visit. Dubai alone is the exception, where you need a […]

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10 Absolutely Beautiful Vietnam Islands

Beautiful Vietnam Islands

Similar to all the Asian countries, Vietnam’s geography is also very diverse comprising of beaches, islands, mountains, dense tropical jungles, and hidden waterfalls.  You would not have guessed the fact that Vietnam too has about 4000 islands! Let us view 10 beautiful Vietnam Islands in this blog post. These 4000 Vietnam Islands are floating in the following seas: Gulf of Tonkin Pacific Ocean Gulf of Thailand South China Sea These four seas are on Vietnam’s east, south, […]

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