Best Travel Guide to Kythera Island: 4 Enchanting Places

Kythera Island

I am taking you to Kythera Island, Greece, but this time, far off from Athens. When you search the web for this island with the above spelling, you will notice a few more:

  • Cythera
  • Kithira

Interesting Fact,

Kythera was once a Spartan island.

Location of Kythera:

The island is located about 200 km south of Athens. You can see it at the southern tip of Peloponnese peninsula. Kythera Island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

It is part of the Ionian Islands though it is located in the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are wondering whether there are other groups under which the Greek islands are classified, I say, ‘yes’.

Here are they.

  • Ionian Islands
  • Argo-Saronic Islands
  • Cyclades Islands
  • North Aegean Islands
  • Dodecanese Islands
  • Sporades Islands

Which are the Greek Islands that are part of the Ionian Islands?

There are seven main islands that include:

  • Kythera
  • Zakynthos
  • Corfu
  • Ithaka
  • Kefalonia
  • Paxos
  • Lefkada

How to reach Kythera?

Ferries seem to be the best option because, you can take your car along with you.

From Piraeus Port, Athens, you can board a car ferry. The 200 km distance is covered in about 7 hours.

The other port from which ferries are operated is in Neopolis, Peloponnese . The voyage involves 2 hours.

The final option is to fly up to Crete Island. The second leg of your journey involves 3 hours of sea passage from Crete.

I read there are flights from Athens to Kythera Airport Alexandros A. Onassis. It is located in Chora, the capital city of the island.

Please check out before you leave your country to Athens. The flight duration must be around 60 minutes.

Recommended Hotels to Stay in Kythera:

I browsed through the resorts, and hotels option. Among them, Pantonia Apartments caught my eye. The balcony in the apartment is open to sky and it faces the Mediterranean Sea,

AnesisHotel, and Romantica Hotel also offer sea view accommodation.

Iris Beach Hotel is the cheapest. It charges only CAD 65 per night. It might vary depending upon the seasonal demand.

If you are prepared to spend around CAD 120, you are sure of getting a luxury room, facing the sea.

Best Places to Eat in Kythera:

The choice of restaurants and cafés is overwhelming. I think you have to walk from your hotel and enter the best looking outlet.

However, I will tell you what not miss when you are in a restaurant that is closer to where you stay.

Dips are mighty popular in Greece. I recommend two of them that you can recognize from the menu card.

  • Taramasalata –a fish egg based dip
  • Tzatziki-yogurt dip with garlic

Order a loaf of Pita (local bread) and dip each chunk in the bowl given along with it.

  • Pig leg soup (black soup)
  • Greek salad-there is no point in visiting Greece and not tasting the very popular Greek Salad

Greek SaladJust like pizza and burger, you can choose what to add in your plate and the dressing also, you can prefer.

  • Kleffico

What do you make of it apart from potato? There are mutton pieces that are marinated in lemon juice before cooking. I like this idea of lemon and lamb.

  • Barbounia

Don’t miss this special fish dish. Its other name is Red Mullet.

6 Captivating Adventures: Your Complete Kythera Island Travel Guide

  1. Fonisa Waterfall

I did not expect a waterfall on a Greek Island. This particular waterfall’s height is only 65 feet! The whole scene is so peaceful.

This is located in the village of Mylopotamos. Strangely, it is sitting on an elevated plateau. The height is about 950 feet.

It seems this village has to be on your itinerary because not only the Fonisawaterfall but there are other attractions that include the remnants of a castle, a few caves, and a monastery.

From your hotel in Chora, Mypotamos village is 15 km.

  1. Beaches

BeachesOne thing is certain; the beaches are rather uncrowded. However, they are strikingly good-looking.

  • Kapsali Beach

Look at the Kapsali Beach below.

There is a cove, and a small lagoon. The backdrop is rocky cliffs on which, quite a few houses are situated.

It is located 5 km from Chora, the capital of Kythera. Due to its popularity and patronage, small cafes have come up selling snacks, and cool drinks including chilled beer.

There is even a hotel here called Aronis Studios. It is better to stay here because, you will find it cheap.

It’s a boutique hotel with cozy rooms. Air-conditioning is provided. Wifi, coffee making machine, a mini refrigerator, attached bathroom are some of the amenities in the room.

Nearby attractions include a scuba diving center and an archaeological museum.

  • Kaladi Beach

Oh my God! Isn’t it a gorgeous beach? The mountainous backdrop adds to its loneliness. I think the 15 km distance from the city center is the cause for it secluded appearance.

  • Melidoni Beach

Wow! It’s beautiful, and dramatic. It is located in Drimonas village.

  • Chalkos Beach

This scenic beach is not far off from Melidoni Beach.

  • Avlemonas Beach

Similar to all the other beaches on Kythera Island, here also, you can see mountains at the backdrop. I think all the mountains, in any Greek Island, are devoid of trees.

  • Paleopoli Beach
  1. Church of Agois

It appears as if it is the most peaceful location in the world. The church is the lonely building on a mountain, overlooking the town.

  1. Hyra Cave

Yes, it looks inviting, but I wonder how one access it because it is on an islet, detached from the main city? No one lives there.

Kythera Island is meant for relaxing, spending time on its various beaches. There is really nothing much to do here.

Here is a video tour of the island, showing all the beautiful spots.

This explains the affordability of food, and accommodation on the island.