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8 Less Crowded Asian Islands to Explore

Less Crowded Asian Islands

Get to know these 8 most beautiful but less crowded Asian islands. Island escape during summer is popular among holidaymakers all over the world. People in Europe mostly visit European Islands because of familiar climatic conditions. Americans invariably fly to the Hawaiian Islands while the Australians escape to the South Pacific Islands and Oceania that include Micronesia, Polynesia, Fiji, and Tuvalu. Africans generally do not go out of their continent except the South Africans. Asians have a […]

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10 Exquisite Asian Islands

Asian Islands Palawan

Thus far, I have written about various islands in India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Croatia, Greece, and Africa. In spite of a wide coverage, there is some dissatisfaction. When I narrowed down the reason, I realized I did not focus much on selective Asian Islands that the world travelers focus. Sure, the European and African islands are simply awesome with diverse geography but the Asian islands are great paradise of vacation. Just the idea of traveling to […]

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