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20 Beautiful Malaysian Islands to Visit in 2022

20 Beautiful Malaysian Islands to Visit

How many of you know that Malaysia has a mind-boggling 20,000 islands and islets? Sabah, one of states of Malaysia in Borneo Island, has its own islands numbering 390+ islands. Another baffling fact is more than 500 islands in Malaysia are unnamed! This fact was as on 2015. Sabah is in Borneo which is co-owned by Brunei and Indonesia (larger share). Out of Sabah’s 394 islands, one is shared by Indonesia’s North Kalimantan within Borneo. Oh, let […]

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Malaysian Islands: Is there any Malaysian Island worth visiting?

Malaysian Islands

Are there any Malaysian Islands worth visiting? This blog post is a brief travel guide to some of the wonderful Malaysian Islands, how to go there, where to stay, and what to eat. I have several times advised my relatives and friends that Malaysia is not only Kuala Lumpur and Malacca but is blessed with some breathtaking tropical islands that are naturally beautiful. In addition, I used to tell them at least during your second trip to […]

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3 Malaysian Sabah Islands for Your Next Holiday

Manukan Island Malaysian Sabah Island

Tourist to Malaysia often finds it difficult to extricate themselves from the attractive and colorful shopping area, swanky restaurants and spirited bars. In addition, the massage parlous during the night in Kuala Lumpur lure the men who spend money and time much to the chagrin of their family members. The Malaysian beaches and the fun in beachfront malls and clubs also engage the tourists and they fail to explore the beautiful islands of Malaysia. Thus, they leave […]

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