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Mahe Island Travel Guide: 12 Captivating Adventures

Mahe Island Travel Guide

This is a handy Mahe Island travel guide. You will find how to reach Mahe, you will come to know Mahe Island attractions, where to stay, what to eat, and what to buy in the Island. Where is Mahe Island? Mahe is a small island comprising just 153 sq. km. In spite of this fact, it is the largest island of Seychelles islands. Seychelles group of islands are floating on the Indian Ocean. It is part of […]

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4 Lesser Known African Islands that are Wonderful to Visit

African Islands

The African Islands that belong to the African continent are geographically dived into two major parts: Islands in the Indian Ocean Islands in the Atlantic Ocean Some of the islands are archipelagos comprising smaller islands and islets. In this blog post, you will gain knowledge about some of the lesser-known African Islands which don’t mean they are off the radar of island lovers. True seafarers don’t ignore even a tiny island or cay. Lesser-known islands are usually […]

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5 Island Beaches in East Africa

Seychelles East Africa

East Africa is home not only to jungles and game parks but also to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. As far as I have read, unlike the beaches in other parts of the world such the United States or India, the beaches in East Africa ooze totally a different culture that reflects the Africans’ belief, lifestyle, and culture. The life in and around the African beaches are slow paced and quite relaxed. In addition, the […]

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