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9 Beautiful Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands

 Know some of the pretty islands in Lakshadweep archipelago. Get to know how to reach Lakshadweep, when to visit and what to do in Lakshadweep Islands. Overview of Lakshadweep Islands. About 32 islands, islets, and atolls comprise Lakshadweep archipelago. They belong to India and administered as its Union Territory. What will surprise the most about Lakshadweep Islands is their size. In all, the land area of all the islands of Lakshadweep measures just 32 sq.km whereas its […]

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Travel guide to Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep

Travel guide to Kadmat Island

Lakshadweep archipelago is a union territory of India. This group of islands and atolls are located in the Laccadive sea, part of the Arabian sea. In the history books n India, the Lakshadweep islands are always mentioned as Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands and Kadmat Island is one among them. The archipelago has two more groups of islets called Amindivi Islands and the Laccadive Islands. Though the Lakshadweep islands are pristine holiday destination, not many tourists visit them. […]

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