Agatti Island Travel Guide

Agatti Island Travel Guide

When I first heard the name Agatti Island, I thought is somewhere in Fiji, Polynesia. It sounded Fijian to me.

I was wrong.

So, where Agatti Island is?

It is near India, on the West Coast. The small island is surrounded by the Arabian Sea.

It is a blissful paradise of an island, and it is not alone, man! It has 35 more tropical islands for company.

Did you guess the archipelago?

It is the Lakshadweep Islands. These islands are a typical Asian tropical landmass, floating in the sea.

Every one of the islands is lush with greenery. It is also no exception.

If you do a search for Agatti, you will immediately see a narrow strip of airport, with the sea on either side. The picture is shot aerially.

What a breathtaking sight! You would immediately imagine how will it look and feel from a plane that is about to land on the small airstrip.


Overview of Agatti Island:

The island belongs to India. It is only 7.6 km long. If you walk across in the east, west direction, it measures only 850 meters.

Therefore, one can easily explore the island on foot.

This island is a part of an atoll. It implies, it co-exists with her siblings.

How to reach Agatti?

Kochi (Cochin) in Kerala, India, is the gateway. The tiny island is situated some 460 km west of Kochi.

Location map of Lakshadweep:

It is to the left of Kochi on an India map. You can clearly see the chain of islands mentioned as, ‘Laccadive” the alternative name of Lakshadweep.

Indian Airlines, alone, operates flights to Agatti Island. The 460 km distance is covered in a little more than three hours.

That is very slow! It is lesser than the speed of a helicopter.

Can one opt for a voyage to Agatti?

Yes. A small ship from Kochi takes more than 15 hours to cover the 460 km.

Places to stay on the island:

There are two wonderful resorts, namely, Red Corals Resort, and White Pearls Resort.

If you are honeymooning on Agatti, you would prefer an independent cottage or a villa, facing the sea. In that case, your choice should be Kasims Beach Villa.

The price varies depending on the season. Naturally, monsoon season is very cheap. Otherwise, the rates are somewhat expensive by Indian standards.

What language is spoken in Lakshadweep Island?

Malayalam is the widely spoken language. They also speak Tamil, Hindi, and English.

Is they inhabited?

Yes, definitely. Around 8000 people live there.

Beach to Visit:

This island is rated as the best of Lakshadweep Islands. Obviously, this rating must have been based on the beauty, and amenities of the beaches.

Therefore, all the beaches are worthy of visiting. Since the island is only 7.5 km by 0.85 km in length and breadth respectively, you can simply walk around the island along its coast on all 4 sides.

You enter the water anywhere, relax on any beach. However, for water sports, you have to visit specialized beaches.

Agatti Beach is the sought after beach on the island. Coconut trees, behind the beach, enhance the beauty of this beach.

The sand is crystal white. Since, the water is rather shallow, it is ideal for swimming, and snorkelling.

Water Sports in Agatti Island:

Scuba diving is the biggest attraction. The underwater corals, as well as the fishes, are brilliantly coloured.

Other water adventure includes:

  • Snorkelling

Snorkelling spots are about a couple of kilometres from the shore. You will be taken in a small boat with your snorkelling mask on.

You slip on to your flippers just before diving.

The tour organizers for scuba diving, and snorkelling adventure, provide you the necessary accessories.

  • Wave Surfing
  • Canoeing and kayaking

Both these adventure require you to row/paddle. You can find lagoons here that are ideal for kayaking, and canoeing.

If you are not afraid, take a kayak and go out on the sea alone. The experience will be mind-boggling.

  • Recreational Fishing

Again, you have to go out on the sea for a couple of kilometres. You will be provided with angles (the traditional hook, bait, and line).

This is also known as ‘sports fishing’.  You, generally, let out the fish you catch, back into the water.

  • Water Skiing

This is a very thrilling adventure in the Arabian Sea. See the picture below, and you will understand the adventure.

The man on ski boards is towed by a fast boat.

  • Wind Surfing

It is almost similar to sailing. Wind surfing is also called “sailboarding”.

Water sports play a major part in attracting tourists to Laccadive Islands, and Minicoy Islands.

  • Ride on a boat with glass bottom

Anyone who has a phobia with water can still see the marine creatures without getting wet. Glass-bottomed boat rides are fun.

  • Visit Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island lies very close to this islands. 12 km separates the two. Bangaram Island is one of the uninhabited islands of Lakshadweep.

But there is a resort here. Guests can avail most of the water sports and relax without the disturbance of crowd.

  • Other nearby islands to visit

Two more islands are near it. No one lives there. Just for the sake of fun, you can join a tour of island hopping.

Parali, and Thinnakara are the two neighbours of Bangaram Island.

  • Sunset view

Remember, you are on the west coast of India. Sunset viewing, especially from a boat, is incredible. The changing colors on the horizon will make you scream with delight. Do not miss a sunset cruise.

  • Turtle hatchery visit

A conservation of turtles on Agatti can be a different experience. However, I don’t see any fun in watching turtles.

  • Birds to watch on Lakshadweep Islands

The availability of abundant prey of diverse species brings several aquatic birds to the islands, especially, to the uninhabited islands.

  • Indian Pond Heron
  • Sooty Tern
  • Brown Noddy
  • Greater Crested Tern

What can you buy at Agatti islands?

The usual, attractive jewellery made of seashells is a craze among tourists.

For edible souvenir, you can think of buying fish biscuits.

It is one of the best tropical paradises near India. A two-day trip to this Laccadive Island is easily affordable.