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Greek Islands: 6 inconspicuous Islands to Visit

Greek Islands Santorini

Know these inconspicuous Greek islands so that you can plan your next island vacation where there is more room for you. At the outset, I am mad about cruising to Greek Islands located in the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Ocean. I fell in love with them ever since I read a detailed travelogue by a friend of mine. I remember reading that to avoid big tourist presence, visit some islands in Greece where the tourist crowd is […]

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8 Greek Islets not to Miss on Your Greek Islands Cruise

Greek Islets

If I am asked what toughest thing in the world is for cruise lovers, I would say, choosing which Greek islets and islands to visit as there are 6000 islands marked in the Ionian and Aegean sea. A meager 227 islands and islets of the 6000 islands are inhabited. I think there may be a million people in the world who, like me, want to visit as many uninhabited islands and islets as possible before their lifetime. […]

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9 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Greek Islands

Parikia Paros Greek Islands

Smart tourists often collect as much as possible tourist information before they even book their cheap flight tickets. These days it is very easy to gather about all the attractions to see and the adventure activities to do in your intended place of holiday destination. There is certainly no dearth of information. Here I am sharing details about 9 Beautiful and Scenic Small Towns of the Greek Islands. I know Flotilla organizers are highly informed cruise operators. […]

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