Handy Travel Guide to Syros Island Greece

Travel Guide to Syros Island Greece

By this time, you might have identified Syros island is a Greek Island. The name of the island that is ending with ‘os’ is suggestive. The Greek Islands archipelago is the most visited islands group in the world. I think the Caribbean, and Indonesian islands are ranked only after the islands in Greece. This post will be a handy travel guide to Syros Island Greece that is fondly called the ‘’Lady of the Aegean Islands’.

The seas that surround the Greek Islands.

  • Aegean Sea on the east
  • Sea of Crete and the Mediterranean Sea on the south
  • Ionian Sea in the west

All the 6000+ islands and islets of Greece are located in these seas. The ‘Sea of Crete’ is just an arm of the Aegean Sea. Crete, the largest of all Greek Islands, is located in the Sea of Crete.

The islands in Greece are put under different groups that include:

  • Sporades
  • Cyclades
  • Ionian
  • Dodecanese
  • Cretan
  • Argo-Saronic
  • Agean

Location map showing Syros Island:

You can see the Cyclades group of islands, southeast of Athens City. Syros is also marked in it, near the eastern side of Cyclades.

Incidentally, Ermoupoli city in Siros is the capital of Syros as well as the Cyclades chain of islands,

It is 140 away from Athens.

How to get to Syros island?

A ferry, that carries passengers along with their cars from Athens, gets you to Syros in about three hours. There won’t be any stop in between.

How many days you need to stay in Syros:

I reckon a weekend is enough to see all the historic, and natural attractions.

What is the main attraction of Syros?

I read two of its sweets pull more visitors than its Greeko-Roman history, and splendid beaches.

However, this is only a tidbit. There is a list of places to see, and things to do on Syros Island.

Nevertheless, if you want to know the names of the sweets, here they are:

  • Halwadopita
  • Loukoumi (image attached)

When is the best time to visit?

It can be visited throughout the year. Mainly, the island is visited by the Greeks for its proximity to Athens, and historic places.

Travel Guide to Syros Island Greece:

  1. George’s Cathedral

George’s Cathedral

Throughout Greece, you can find umpteen numbers of monasteries, and churches.  This is located in Ano Syros, an extension of the city.

  1. Visiting other Greek islands nearby.

Every tourist who goes to a Greek Island will always look forward to going on an island hopping tour. Their main interest is to buy something different from each island as a standout souvenir.

In addition, they would look to taste each island’s special dish.

The closet islands to it include:

  • Naxos
  • Tinos
  • Kythnos
  • Paros
  • Kea

But, the island hopping tour from Syros requires more than 3 days. It can last up to 10 days. Besides, it is worth undertaking a longer sailing tour keeping this city as your base because, it will work out cheaper than other, more popular islands such as Milos, and Paros.

  1. Go to Ano Syros

It seems the houses are stacked on the hill, abutting the Aegean Sea. It is an important tourist landmark near Ermoupoli.

Places to see in Ano Syros include a monastery, a museum, and an uninhabited island.

  1. Vaporia

It’s a residential locality with excellent sea view. The St. Nicholas church is worthy of your glance.

If you join the 7-hour cruise tour, you will be covering this neighborhood too.

The spectacular view of the Aegean Sea from St. Nicholas Church is given below.


  1. Other churches

Here are some more churches in Syros that are worthy of visiting,

  • John Church
  • Resurrection Church
  • Anastaseos Church

Both of them are Catholic churches.

A few monasteries are also listed in the city tour itinerary of Ermoupoli that is also spelled Ermoupolis.

Capuchin Monastery, Jesuit Monastery, and Monastery of Santa Barbara are some more places to see.

  1. City Hall

The Emoupoli (Hermoupoli) City Hall is an important tourist landmark.

It is an impressive building, with a large public square in front. The people watching place is called Miaoulis Square.

  1. Walking tour

You must join a guided tour of Emoupouli. As part of the walking tour, you will stroll through an impressive Venizelou Street, the main shopping place, and dining area.

  1. Apollo Theater

You cannot miss it. It sits right in the Miaouli Square. It’s a classic building that retains its beauty even after 150 years1

The entire building was made of marble stone.

  1. Museums

On the historic island of Syros, there are 3 museums to visit.

  • Industrial Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Textile Museum

Beaches on Syros

  1. Kini Beach

Kini Beach is one of the highly-visited beaches on Syros Island. The underwater creatures of Aegean Sea warranted an aquarium to be set up near the Kini Beach.

The water appears very clear. The waves are gentle and almost continuous. It is an area to stay as there are quite a lot of hotels.

Further, it is a small beach that has no scope for beach lounges, and umbrellas.

  1. Galossas Beach

It is slightly far off from Emoupoli city but a popular one because of the availability of beach benches. The water lacks depth and, therefore, swimming-friendly.

  1. Agothopes Beach


It is still further away from the city centre but a well visited beach. Bars, and taverns are scattered behind the small beach.

  1. More beaches

syros beachRemember, you are touring an island that has beaches on all its four sides. You can expect the same water, but the depth may vary.

Here are some more beaches where you can spend some time.

  • Armeos Beach
  • Finikas Beach
  • Delfini Beach
  • Vari Beach
  • Azolimnos Beach
  • Poseidonia Beach

There are many beaches, but the above-mentioned beaches are where your hotel receptionist will usually recommend.

  1. Boating

Different kinds of boats are available in Vari beach. The safest one is the pedal boat that anyone can use and venture out into the sea that is almost a lagoon.

Canoes are also rented out. Similarly, boards to stand up and paddle are also given for rent.

Recommended hotels to stay.

Based on the reviews of real travelers to Syros, I compiled a short list of hotels to stay on this Greek Island.

  • Hotel Blue Harmony
  • Hotel Benois
  • Apollonian Palace
  • Syros Soul Suites
  • Ploes-stunning view of the Aegean Sea

The hotel rates start from just $70 per night and goes up to $325 per night. If you choose a low-priced hotel, you can save a lot of money that you can spend on eating gourmet food on the island.

I find Syros the best and cheapest of Cyclades Islands, Greece. In addition, it is a convenient base to go on a tour of nearby islands.

More than 20 beaches a tourist can go to and allow children also to hit water. The temperature is warm, and the water is shallow enough for the beginners to swim.