Kalymnos Island: Best Underrated Greek Island to Visit

Kalymnos Island

There are several islands in Greece that have not reached the bloggers’ notepad yet. There are as many as 6000 islands in Greece. Our destination today, the Kalymnos Island, is one of them.These thousands of Greek Islands are floating in the following sea.

  • Aegean Sea in the east
  • Mediterranean Sea in the south
  • Ionian Sea in the west.

The Aegean Sea hosts nearly 2000 islands of Greece.

Overview of the Kalymnos Island:

It belongs to the Dodecanese group of islands, that lie near Turkey’s west coast, in the Aegean Sea.

A total of 165 islands are placed in this group. Out of them, only 24 are inhabited. Kalymnos is one of the 24 islands in which, people live.

Due to the island’s beauty, lack of tourist crowds, many of the rich people living in Athens, have a holiday home here.

This fact makes the availability of quality food, groceries, beverages, and drinks easy.

Location of Kalymnos Island:

I know you cannot make out much from the map of southeast Greece.

You can see Kalymons, located exactly opposite of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea.

Spot the Kos Island, on the other end of the Cyclades, to the east of it.

Greek Island

How to reach Kalymnos Island?

You can reach the island using a domestic flight from Athens, and several larger islands that include:

  • Rhodes
  • Kos
  • Izmir
  • Paros

If you are based in Athens, you can enjoy a 10-hour-long ferry voyage to this island. The ferry leaves the Piraeus port. The distance covered is just over 300 km.

As a matter of fact, you can contemplate a ferry ride from Kos Island also, on the eastern coast of Dodecanese Islands. The 28 km distance is covered in just 35 minutes by a ferry.

Where to stay on Kalymnos?

When I perused a short list of highly recommended hotels, I noticed the island’s staying options don’t make a big hole in your wallet.

Here are the hotels that I saw, are good with great views of the Aegean Sea.

  • MasouriBlu Boutique hotel
  • Villa Melina
  • Ambience Hotel
  • Petra Boutique Homes and Villas
  • Spongia Apartments

When is the best time to visit?

The storms, hurricanes, and other natural sea-catastrophes leave the island alone. Therefore, you can plan a trip anytime of the year.

However, earthquakes are reported; the most recent one in 2017.

Though not many damages were recorded, the island of Telendos was an outcome of an earthquake that separated it from this island.

Kalymnos Island: Best Underrated Greek Island to Visit

  1. Visiting nearby islands, and islets

The main pastime in any of the Greek islands is to go on a tour of visiting nearby islands. Invariably, you can set afoot in a few floating lands in which no one live except seabirds, and turtles, and crabs.

Nearby this island, you can go to the following inhabited islands.

  • Plati
  • Pserimos (less than 100 people live here)
  • Kalolimnos
  • Telendoa
  1. Mountaineering

The island is mostly mountainous. The highest summit is at 2400 feet! As such, adventure tourists, who take great pride in showing their rock climbing skills, and rappelling talent, throng the island.

Some of the rock formations are wonderful to capture in the camera. I read that there are as many as 3000 climbing routes on the island.

Here is an arch of rock that is a famous attraction on the island.

  1. Coves

If you walk across the island in its length and breadth (21 km by 13 km), you will notice the coastline have numerous coves. They are more visible from anyone of the observation platforms on the mountains.

The outcome of the irregular shape of the island is several hidden beaches (coves) that make them dramatically romantic.

It is advised you visit Kalymnos Island with family. It is also suitable for honeymooners.

  1. Touch the tuff

The presence of a natural thermal spring, the tuff (rocks made out of volcanic ash) imply that the island was once volcanic.

This is the ‘tuff’. You will be thrilled to touch it. I don’t know whether you can scrap out some, as a souvenir.

  1. Roam the streets of Pothia


Pothia is the alternative name to Kalymnos town. See the quaint, sun-drenched, and whitewashed houses overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Enter a cool tavern, and drink a mug of chilled beer.

Buy some Greek clothes, handicrafts, and curios of which, Greece is known for.

  1. Spend quality time at the port

The scene around the way to the port, and the port itself, will be pleasing to the eye.

You can witness some of the culture of the native Greeks, see how they dress, and what they drink, and eat.

  1. Visit Rina

Rina is a picturesque place on the island. It is part of the valley of Vathys.

There is a rare fjord here that will be a wonderful sight in this part of the world.

Did you notice the fjord. If not, see the video again, and stop playing it when it reaches the 26th second.

The sea inlet (fjord) between two large rocky mountains is clearly shot.

  1. See the temple of Apollo.

Apollo was one of the Greek mythology deities. He represented the art of music, dance, archery, and prophecy.

Greek mythology is very interesting. Visiting a temple of Greek Gods is considered an important activity in Greece.

  1. Buy some sea sponges

Strangely, the sea sponges thrive in abundance off the shores of Kalymnos Island.

Sea sponges are living organisms under the sea. But don’t worry; they are dead when removed from the sea.

They are found at the sea floor. Hence, the island attracts an exclusive genere of divers known as ‘sponge divers.

Natural sponges are used to clean our body gently.

It will make a rare, natural souvenir, buddy! I think it costs around $14 to $25 per piece.

  1. Go to Emborios

It’s a picturesque fishing village, located 25 km away from Kalymnos Town.

See another view of Emboios.


This is a very scenic beach on the island. Beach combers would go wild when they stumble upon pebbles of different sizes, and shapes. They are made smooth by relentless erosion.

  1. Statue of Nike

Nike is one of the less-talked about Greek Gods. She is said to represent victory in war, competition in fine arts, etc.

This statue is erected on a high pedestal in front of the Pothia harbor.

  1. Recommended Beaches

The beaches on every Greek island are stunningly good-looking. The beaches on Kalymnos are no exception.

The only difference might be different species of marine creatures in the three seas that surround the 6000+ islands around Greece.

For example, the sea sponges in the waters of Kalymnos.

The following beaches are highly recommended.

  • Petra Beach
  • Avlakia Beach
  • Tigaki Beach
  • Masouri Beach
  • Myrties Beach

This is a bit far from the Kalymnos town. Hence, the crowd is less when compared to other beaches.

One can see fine pebbles on this beach. It is an ideal seafront to sunbathe.

The lack of big waves suits swimmers of all age. The houses behind the beach, and on the small hill, are nice to see.

You can find a few cafés, and taverns..

  • PlatisYialos Beach

Did you notice the water is very clear? It’s another swimmers-friendly beach.

In addition, it’s a cove, surrounded by small mountains. It’s almost looking like a fjord!

Being a well-visited beach, you can find some cheap accommodations facing the beach.

  •  Melitsachas Beach

Said to be a beautiful beach, it’s one of the off the beaten path, located some 10 km away from the town-hall.

  • Gefira Beach

I think, these beaches are located on all sides of the island. More beaches are on the west coast of the island.

  1. Visit a museum of Sea World

If you consider the sea sponges as rare marine lives on the island, then you must visit the sea world museum to find more exotic displays. You can certainly brag about the knowledge you gained. You will be the star in any party back at home town.

  1. Monasteries on Kalymnos

There are two Christian monasteries on the island. They are:

  • AgioiPantes
  • Agiossaccas

Both the Christian institutions are located on a hill, overlooking the Pothia town.

  1. Local food specialties

Depending upon the marine creatures, every island in Greece would offer something special from the kitchens.

Here are few dishes to eat on Kalymnos.

  • Mermezeli

I suppose this is the famous Greek salad with vegetables, and some caper leaves, and cheese.

  • Buy honey made from thyme

I never heard of thyme honey, but you can taste it on the island. It is reported to be delicious. If you conform, buy a couple of it as edible gifts.

  • Goat cheese

I think the Kalymnians make cheese only from goat’s milk. It is called Greek feta.

  • Spinialo

This is exotic seafood sold on Kalymnos Island. It is made using a kind of oyster.

Winding up, Kalymnos Island’s natural, unspoiled beauty, affordable food, and accommodation, the islets nearby, the things to buy as souvenirs, warrant a weekend holiday.

If you are touring Rhodes island, you can make it easily.