Top 20 Things to Do in Mauritius Islands

Top 20 Things to Do in Mauritius Islands

Mauritius islands lies in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa, some 2000 km away. It comprises 4 main islands, and over 100 small islands, and islets, where no one lives on the far-flung islands.

Its nearest neighbor is the large island of Madagascar.

Both Mauritius and Madagascar are hot tourist destinations.

The African island country’s geography comprises rolling hills, and verdant grasslands.

The naturally beautiful landscape, rich wildlife, and exotic culture, and cuisine are some of the alluring factors for the tourists.

Its four main islands are named Rodrigues, Agalega, and St. Brandon archipelago. Agalega has two islands. Both of them are 1050 km north of it.

Here is a map of Mauritius Islands.

Mauritius Map

The capital city is Port Louis. Strangely, the two official languages of Mauritius are English, and French. No African languages are mentioned.

The island’s lush mountains and picturesque setting will welcome you, when your plane is about to land in Port Louis.

Port Louis

It’s a valley out there!

Top 20 Things to Do in Mauritius Islands

Let us peruse the list of the places to see, and the things to do on Mauritius.

  1. Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges

Obviously, this beautiful area is great for hiking, studying flora, and looking out for some endemic wildlife.

It is the foremost place to see on the island.

  1. Wildlife of Mauritius

I would say, this African Island’s wildlife is unique, and we should allocate one full day to spot at least a few of them, such as:

  • Mauritius Fody
  • Mauritius-Bulbul
  • Mauritius-Cuckooshrike
  • Mauritius Parakeet

The star attraction is the ‘pink pigeon’.

  • Crab-eating Macaaque
  • Sperm Whales
  • Zebra Dove
  • Rusa Deer
  • Red-whiskered Bulbul
  • Mauritius Ornate day gecko

Yeah, ornate really.

All these birds, animals, and reptiles can be spotted in the Black River Gauge National Park.

  1. Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling

The main island is surrounded by a chain of coral reefs, ranking number 3 in the list of longest coral reef system.

The entire north and east sides of the island are protected by coral reefs. Some part of its west coast is also covered by the reefs,

This feature attracts scuba divers from all over the world, especially from France, Spain, Turkey, Greece, and Portugal.

Tourists who are afraid of scuba diving but still want to see and touch the reefs may snorkel superficially.

  1. Visiting nearby Islands.

You cannot call it exactly island hopping, as they are not very near to each other. Among the things to do on Mauritius, you can visit Rodrigues Island, St, Brandon Island, Chagos archipelago (2200 km away), This archipelago has some nearby islands to visit that include Nelson Island, and Soloman Island.

Among the islands that are lying just outside the main island, you can go to:

  • East Island
  • Ambre Island
  • Cerfs Island
  • Benitiers Island

I think there is a cruise tour of these nearby islands available from Ambre Island.

I intend to dedicate an exclusive post covering the small islands, and islets you can visit when you are touring Mauritius or plan a separate trip to those absolutely tranquil islands floating in the Indian Ocean.

  1. Beaches to Visit

All the beaches surrounding the island have white sand. There are countless beaches. The entire island is yours in some remote corners. After all, the total length of the beaches stands at 150 km. Therefore, it is beaches, and more beaches.

Some of the most-visited beaches on Mauritius.

  • Cap Malheureux

Cap MalheureuxWhat a beauty! I think this is the most beautiful beach on earth.

  • Bain Boeuf Beach
  • Flic en Flac Beach
  • Tamarin Beach

There are hardly 10 people on this stunning beach.

  • Trou-aux-Biches Beach
  • Grand Baie Beach

This is one of the best tourist centres with several places to see and that include a traditional Hindu temple built in the Dravidian style.

On almost all sides of the island, you can find mountains at the backdrop of the beaches.

As many as 134 beaches are on the main island. If you stay for a week, you can visit at least 25 of those scenic and virgin beaches.

  1. Seven Colored Earths

Seven Colored Earths

The picture indicates sand dunes in various colors that don’t differ much from each other. I could detect only violet, red, and purple.

Nevertheless, this video has captured magnificently all the different collared sand.

Spectacular natural, geological wonder!

As one of the best places to see on Mauritius, this attraction is seen in a village called Chamarel. It is located 50 km south of Port Louis.

The natural sand dune formation in different colors is due volcanic eruptions very long ago, and the subsequent cooling of different chemical compounds on the rocks.

Though you will feel the urge to scoop up some of the colored sand as a souvenir, you are prohibited.

However, some gifts shops near the attraction, sell small glass tubes filled with the seven-colored sand. I think you have to buy seven glass tubes containing seven different colors.

I am sure it will make a unique souvenir. It’ should be rated among the amazing places to see.

  1. Chamarel Waterfalls

As the name says, these stunning waterfalls can be seen as you walk towards the magical seven-colored sand dunes in Chamarel village.

The waterfalls are caused by the falling of River du Capano from a height of over 300 feet!

  1. Adventure Activities in Charamel Village

Capitalizing the patronage by the tourists, a few fun and adventure activities have started coming up.

Abseiling (climbing down a rock) is one such adventure, adjacent to the Chamarel waterfalls.

For you and me, there is horseback riding, and mountain biking. A zip lining sport is also available for those who dare.

  1. Ebony Forest

Planted with some endemic species of trees, this 125 acre forest is another attraction in the village of Charamel.

The best way to appreciate the work of arboriculturists is to take a walk on the wooden canopy walk.

In addition to that, there are nicely created viewing platforms.

I reckon you need to allocate half a day to visit the Chamarel village.

  1. Botanical Garden

The leafy plates are known as water lilies.

You can see them in a pond within the Sir SeewoosagurRamgoolam Botanic Garden

This Mauritius attraction is close to the capital city Port Louis.

  1. La Vanille Park

It is actually sanctuary for the giant tortoise known as the Aldabara Tortoise. The park is developed amidst a thick wood.

Other wildlife you can see here includes lemur, crocodile, monkey, iguana, flying fox, and wild boar.

Visiting La Vanille Park is one of the most entertaining things to do on Mauritius Islands.

  1. Go for a Safari in Casela Nature Park.

Remember, Mauritius is an African island where you can expect to see some amazing animals of Africa.

Since the island’s neighbor is Madagascar, you can definitely watch numerous bird species that will captivate every bird watching enthusiast.

Taking a safari in Casela Nature Park is one of the great things to do on the islands of Mauritius.

  1. Dare to Pet a Lion?

One of the daring activities in Casela Park is to enter the lions’ den. Yes, I mean literally.

Accompanied by an experienced lion trainer, you can gently stroke a king of the jungle and walk with him and his family.

This unforgettable walk with the lions lasts 45 minutes. This is the only place in the world where you can walk with a lion or lioness.

  1. What can you do in La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park?

  • Have you driven a quad vehicle?
  • Have you seen a Nepalese Bridge and dared to walk on it?
  • How about viewing a real African forest as zip through metal ropes?

You can do all these adventure actions, and much more in La Vallee Park.

Wow! Surely, it is one of the must-visit places to see on Mauritius.

  1. Rochester Falls

The River Savenne feeds these lovely waterfalls. Though not falling from a great height (only from 33 feet), the series of falls is enchanting.

Within the waterfalls area, you can see several rocks that are naturally shaped in perfect rectangle.

It is a beautiful sight. The place is located 53 Km south of Port Louis, almost at the southern tip of the island.

Get into a taxi, and you can reach the falls in an hour or so.

  1. Fort Adelaide

Constructed for defense purposes during the 19th century, it is one of the best places to see on Mauritius.

It is built on am elevated plateau; the view is excellent from the fort. It is located within the city of Port Louis.

  1. Tamarin Falls

River Tamrin is the feeder to the waterfalls. You need to travel only 25 km from your Port Louis hotel to see the gentle cascades.

  1. Mare aux Vacoas

It is an artificially built reservoir to take care the drinking water needs of islanders.

  1. Ile aux Aigrettes

The picture shows the islet called Ile aux Aigrettes from Mauritius. Only 850 meters separate the islet from the southeast coast of Mauritius.

There is a forest on it; a kind of nature reserve. It is said to comprise some rare, and endemic flora, and fauna. No one lives on the islet.

Some of the birds, and reptiles, and amphibians that you saw in the Ebony Forest, can be seen on this uninhabited island.Catamarans are available to go to the pristine, unspoiled islet.

  1. Ile aux Benitiers

It is one more uninhabited islet that is located about 10 km from the southwest shore of it. Don’t dream of swimming in the Indian Ocean to reach the pretty islet. Boats ply between the two floating lands.

However, you can walk across the length and breadth of the islet, once the deposits you on the islet.

It’s only 2 km long and half a km wide. A fairly big rock, made of coral sits alone in the ocean, off the shores of this islet.

A trip to Ile aux Benetiers is worth your time.

It is amazing to see a gift shop on this no-man’s land. The vendor’s merchandise includes artifacts made of seashells.

The beautiful fishes lure you to put on your snorkel, and get into the ocean.

I think Mauritius Islands are perennial holiday destinations. If you have the time, and money, you can go to other islands if Mauritius that are a bit far off in the Indian Ocean.

It is ideally located close to Madagascar, and several East African countries.