Donousa Island Greece Travel Guide

Donousa Island

Did you notice the mountain behind Donousa Island gently rises? The easy slope is so appealing.

For the majority of the readers of this travel site that deals exclusively with islands, and islets in the world, This island must sound new.

It is a little-known island, but that doesn’t take away the beauty and freshness of its unspoiled beaches, and coves.

Overview of Donousa Island:

It is part of the Cyclades islands that are floating in the Aegean Sea. 220 islands are in the Cyclades chain of islands that lie on the southeast coast of Greece.

Our subject doesn’t feature in the list of 20 major islands in the Aegean Sea.

Nonetheless, it attracts a special class of travelers who can appreciate a place that is excellent for a calm, and peaceful holiday.

Reason for the name of this island is one of the Greek Gods, “Dionysus’”. In Greek mythology, he was the God of several diversified faculties that include:

  • Orchards
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Wine Making
  • Religious Madness
  • Fertility
  • Insanity
  • Ecstasy

What a diverse combination! Very interesting!

Main villages of this island.

  • Agios Stavros (capital of the island)
  • Mersini
  • Haravgi
  • Kalotarotissa

Less than 250 people live on this tiny island

Exact location of Donousa Island:


See, it is not even found on this map. Can you locate the Cyclades, immediately southeast of Athens?

Spot Naxos, and Amorgos Island on the Cyclades group. It is located between them, in the Aegean Sea.

Amorgos Island lies 47 km south of it.

How to reach Donousa Island?

Sea passage is the only option. From Athens’s Piraeus port, ferries are operated. The duration is an arduous 7 hours.

Flying to Naxos from Athens is quick. Only 45 minutes of flying time between Athens, and Naxos.

From, Naxos Island, ferry ride involves about 2 to 3 hours.  Distance covered is around 60 km, east from Naxos.

What are the other nearby islands you can visit?

The foremost thing to do when you go to Greece or any Greek island is to visit nearby islands, and islets. Island hopping tours are aplenty.

Nearby Islands:

  • Iraklia Island (one of the world’s healthiest islands and a ‘Blue Zone’)
  • Koufonisia Island
  • Amorogos Island
  • Schinoussa Island

Best beaches to visit:

The beaches are the main attraction of this island. Except during summer, the island’s beaches, cafés, hotels, taverns are near empty.

This makes you to visit the island apart from summer. After all, the Mediterranean heat is very oppressive during summer.

The cost of boarding and lodging also will be cheaper during off season.

The following beaches are highly recommended by the hotel reception, and the local guide.

  • Fikio Beach
  • Harbour at Agios Stavros
  • Beach in Kalotaritissa
  • Adults only beach also known as Livadi Beach
  • Trypiti beach-you can spot topless sunbathers
  • Kedros Beach

Some low level cliffs form the backdrop of this ‘nudist friendly’ beach. The lack of waves is a proof that this is a cove, protected from big waves by the small, rocky hillocks on either side.

For the sparkling sea, the island is fondly called the ‘emerald of Cyclades’.

Visit some caves:

A trip or a tour of the caves involves boating in the Aegean Sea. When the boat moves away to some distance, the view of the island will make you wonder whether you have seen the entire island.

Two caves are on the island you can visit. Try to look out for seagulls that may be resting at the entrance of the caves due to shade.

Go Hiking:

You can see other tourists trekking up the hillocks facing the beach. You can join them. From several points on your trail, the view will be remarkable.

Visit Churches

Typical of churches on any Greek island, here also the two churches look blindingly white. Both are on the hill.

Donousa Island is meant solely for the purpose of holidaying without any purpose. Just go there, relax, and sail to the nearby islands.

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