10 Absolutely Beautiful Vietnam Islands

Beautiful Vietnam Islands

Similar to all the Asian countries, Vietnam’s geography is also very diverse comprising of beaches, islands, mountains, dense tropical jungles, and hidden waterfalls.  You would not have guessed the fact that Vietnam too has about 4000 islands! Let us view 10 beautiful Vietnam Islands in this blog post.

These 4000 Vietnam Islands are floating in the following seas:

  • Gulf of Tonkin
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Gulf of Thailand
  • South China Sea

These four seas are on Vietnam’s east, south, and southeast.

China is Vietnam’s northern border, and Laos is on its west.

It is safe to assume that not all of Vietnam’s 4000 islands, islets, and cays are inhabited.

10 Absolutely Beautiful Vietnam Islands

Only an abysmal number of15 islands are inhabited, and worth visiting.

Out of these 15 tropical islands, we will see only 10 islands in this blog post.

  1. KoTapu

Can you believe this 20 meter tall karst rock is considered an islet?

It is just an islet but extremely picturesque. Its stunning natural beauty, surrounded by South China Sea in PhangNga Bay area, captured the attention of James Bond movie makers, and they shot a small portion on this Vietnam Island.

Consequently, it is no known as James Bond Island.

Though KoTapu is part of Thailand, its proximity to the southern Vietnam, beckons the visitors to Ho Chi Minh City.

  1. Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island

For the ardent scuba divers in Asia, Binh Ba Island, one of the Vietnam islands, is an ultimate destination.

Binh Ba Island is part of Can Ranh province, on the east coast of Vietnam.

Reaching Binh Ba Island is rather easy. From Can Ranh port city, you can board a canoe, and reach Binh Ba Island in about an hour.

Traveling by canoe for 60 minutes means, you have to paddle the boat all the way!

The island is just a tiny piece of land, measuring only a 3 sq.km. It is still accessed for its virgin beach, tropical trees, and uncrowded sea shore.

Plan a trip only between March to September. The beach is all yours, anytime.It wears white sand drape.

Out of 5 accessible beaches, Nom Beach is the most beautiful.

For snokelers, the coral reefs of Nha Cu Beach are attractive.

What are the local specialties on Binh Ba Island?

The island is known for juicy blue lobsters; so try some fried lobsters served with a fish sauce.

Other exotic seafood includes sea cucumber and abalone.

Ask around for an opportunity to experience a floating dinner. It will be an unforgettable night.

Please be aware that Binh Ba Island is surrounded by the waters of South China Sea.

There are no hotels to stay but a few basic hostels offer boarding, and lodging.

It is better to make a day trip from Cam Ranh city.

  1. Nam Du Island

We are now on the west coast of Vietnam. Nam Du is a breathtaking small island that is just good enough for either a day trip or for a weekend holiday.

You must be wondering which sea is on the west of Vietnam as there is Cambodia on Vietnam’s west.

Please scroll down south on the map of Vietnam, and you will see the Gulf of Thailand covers some portion of Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Reaching Nam Du Island:

PhuQuoc Island is the largest of Vietnamese islands. I will get to it soon.

From PhuQuoc Island, Nam Du Island is 80 southeast, in the Gulf of Thailand.

You have to take a boat to Nam Du from PhuQuoc via another port city called RachGia, on the southeast coast of Vietnam. The distance from PhuQuoc city is 80 km only.

The sea passage involves 90 minutes by a speed boat.

The island is a part of an archipelago in the same name. The beach has a backdrop of a tropical hill that is fronted by large number of coconut trees.

This is an ideal appearance of a Vietnamese island.

Here is a video of the Nam Du Island

What a beauty! The water is a lovely blue. Fishing boats are seen on the sea. But, I could not detect any harbour. I think, only pier acts as a boat jetty.

If you really love to wet your feet in different waters, go for an island hopping tour. It is cheap, and exciting.

Nan Du is an unspoiled beauty, with pristine beaches, and quaint, sleepy island.

  1. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island

Man, isn’t it splendid!

It is truly a large tropical paradise comprising over 550 sq. km! This Vietnam island is surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand. It means, the island is on the southwest side of Combodia.

To clear your confusion about Vietnam’s coastal area, see its map below.

Notice how Vietnam’s land area extends upto the south of Cambodia. Spot PhuQuoc Island, just below Cambodia.

Reaching PhuQuoc:

Flying is recommended from Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) city. The distance between the two points is approximately 400 km. I think, the flight duration will be about an hour.

What do on PhuQuoc Island?

  • The main island is surrounded by 20 smaller islands and islets. Visit all of them. You won’t find anyone living these. The eerie silence interrupted by the lapping waves will give you goosebumps.
  • Being a big island with a lot of developments, you can stay in full-fledged beach resort, and enjoy all the amenities, and water sports.
  • Shop in a floating market in Duong Dong city, one of the prominent cities on the PhuQuoc Islands.
  • Buy pure pearls harvested from the sea as well as pearl farms.
  • Visit a marine sanctuary, and a national park. It is interesting to note that the national park occupies about 70% of the island’s landmass and spreads into some of the uninhabited neighbouring islets.
  • The park includes some dense rainforests that are typical in Vietnam.
  • Birds, animals, and reptiles are numerous in the NP. As many as 120 species of birds are recorded here.
  1. Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

Hmm.., it is not only a tropical island but sport a beautiful city facing the sea.

This island and its 366 siblings are located in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Interestingly, Cat Ba Island means Women’s Island in Vietnamese. Moreover, Cat Ba Islands has been inhabited since 6000 years!

Location of Cat Ba Island:

Hanoi is the biggest city near the island. However, you have to drive 120 km from Hanoi to reach Haiphong city.

From Haiphong, you can board a normal motorboat to reach Cat Ba Island, 32 km east of the departing boat jetty.

New look of Cat Ba town:

After undergoing a lot of developments, the town looks bright and beautiful. It would be pleasant to stay on the island, and relax, sinking in the scenic beauty of the island.

This is the first time, I am hearing about Ha Long Bay cruise tours. Cat Ba Island is an important stop for the cruise vessels.

There are over 1100 islands in Ha Long Bay. It is no wonder, a cruise tour is operated to visit some of the important islands in Vietnam.

As part of the onshore excursion, Ha Long city tour is the most promising destination.

Ah, Ha Long city looks very well developed.

The passengers of a cruise ship in Ha Long Bay can see hundreds of limestone karsts surfacing from the sea.

As you go on an island hopping tour from Cat Ba Island, you can go very near to these hillocks.

Staying options on Cat Ba:

Ever since the number total visitors touched the magical figure of 350k, hotels started coming up and, there are 150+ resorts, and hotels on Cat Ba.

  1. Hon Tre Island

Probably, this is the only island in the world to which, you reach by a cable car.

The view from the cable car is simply breathtaking. I think your tour of several Vietnam Islands is worth with this cable car ride alone.

The ride lasts up to 30 minutes.

In addition, a ferry is also available in Nah Trang to deposit you on Hon Tre Island.

The starting point of the cable car ride is the bustling Nah Trang city that is located on the east coast of Vietnam.

Our destination, Hon Tre Island is 5 km away from Nah Trang city. The island is said to be extremely picturesque. The beaches have white sand and palm trees line the shore.

Stay overnight, enjoy very good food, and return to Nah Trang city, the next day.

Hon Tre Island should be in your list of Vietnam Islands to visit.

  1. Phy Quy Island

This is another island in Vietnam that is located on the country’s south east coast.

The PhyQuy Island is surrounded by the East Sea (an arm of South China Sea).


The island is located about 100 km east of PhanThiet city.

Reaching PhyQuy Island:

A three hour boat ride from PhanThiet city is required to reach the destination island in Vietnam.

As it has nine siblings, it will be memorable to go on a tour of them. I think all the 9 smaller islands are empty of human settlements.

This island mainly receives Vietnamese people. They are attracted by the island’s rustic beauty, and some mountains covered with tropical trees.

  1. Cu Lao Cham IslandCu Lao Cham Island

It’s a small archipelago comprising 8 islands, of which, Cu Lao leads the pack.

A marine park is developed out of these 8 Cham Islands, indicating the presence of diverse marine creatures that need protection.

It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This implies the island attract large number of scuba divers, and snorkelers.

The Cham chain of islands is floating in South China Sea, on the east coast of Vietnam.

How to get to Cu Lao Cham Island?

The islands are near the city of Hoi An, a cute city but is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Even a canoe paddled by a man, can get you to Cu Lao Cham Island in only 20 minutes! The distance covered is also 20 km.

The islands are rather virgin, unspoiled by widespread commercial constructions.

Therefore, the islands retain their natural beauty. They are mean for relaxation only.

  1. Ly Son Island

This natural rock arch is the main attraction on Ly Son Island, Vietnam.

The island is located off QuangNgai City, on the east coast of Vietnam. The island is surrounded by East Sea.

You can reach Ly Son Island in about an hour from QuangNgai’sSa Ky port.

It has two more, smaller islands. All of them are the outcome volcanic eruptions. Consequently they are rocky; the sea arch is the proof.

In addition to the rock formations, you can climb up to the craters; there are three of them.

Because of rocky arch right on the beach, and thevolcanic craters, Ly Son Islands are considered as hidden gems of Vietnam Islands.

  1. Vung Tau Island

It is a breathtaking island in southern Vietnam. The island is surrounded by South China Sea.

Reaching Vung Tau is easy if you catch a ferry from Ho Chi Minh City. The superfast hydrofoil deposits you on the island in two hours. The distance covered is 90 km.

The island’s vibe is serene and fun. The residents of Saigon go to Vung Tau frequently, usually spending their weekend.

Interesting tourist places on the island to see include a tall statue of Jesus Christ (weird on a Buddhist island), an arms museum, two terrific, action filled beaches known as Front Beach, and Back Beach, a Buddhist monastery, and finally a hillock called Doi Con HeoVung Tau.

Standing on the elevated place, the view of the South China Sea will be sweeping.

The island has numerous beautiful spots that you can see them all in a day.

These 10 islands in Vietnam are considered as big tourist attractions.