3 Best Things to Do Bamboo Island, Thailand

Things to Do Bamboo Island

This is a Leopard Shark, looking slender, and elegant. I guess it moves with great speed, and hence the ‘leopard’ name attached to it.

This is one of the major attractions on Bamboo Island. Its native (Thai) name is Koh Mai Phai.

However, there are no bamboo trees on this island. You can see groves and groves of ‘Casuarina’ trees that are mistaken for bamboo.

Where is Bamboo Island located?

It is one of the islands of Thailand. It is floating in the Strait of Malacca, an arm of the Andaman Sea. The strait connects the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea.

By the way, the Andaman Sea is on the west coast of Thailand.

The island is located about 9 km northeast of Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

If you are not familiar about Phi Phi archipelago, it is 46 km away (southeast) from Phuket, one of the world’s most visited islands for holidays.

Our destination, Koh Mai Phai Island is located in between Krabi and Phuket.

Having understood the exact location of the island, let us move on to know how to reach it, where to stay, and places to see.

How to reach Bamboo Island?

The nearest gateway is the Phi Phi Island.  Since the distance is less than 10 km, you can reach the island in about 15 minutes by a speedboat.


Koh Mai Phai is part of the Phi Phi Island National Park. This means, you have to pay an entrance fee to visit Bamboo Island.

Is there a hotel to stay on Bamboo Island?

No. You can stay in a tent, but I believe it is not recommended. Make a day trip from either Phuket or Phi Phi.

What to do on the island without a hotel?

The Koh Mai Phai island is known for its Hin Klang Reefs and unique marine life. Therefore, snorkelling is the most interesting thing to do.

Best Things to Do Bamboo Island,Thailand

As mentioned before, apart from the rare Leopard Shark, you can spot:

  • Lion Fish (Pterois)

It is said to be a poisonous fish.

  • Hawks bill Turtle
  • Pufferfish
  • Moorish Idol
  • Giant Clams (Phosphorescent)
  • Clownfish
  • Seahorse


Koh Mai Phai islandSwimming off the shores of Bamboo Island:

It is not a crowded island. You can have the entire island to yourself. The beach has white sand and that is good for sun bathing.

Swim to your heart’s content. There is enough space for you and the Leopard Fish, and the coral reefs.

Explore the island on foot:

The island is too small; almost tiny, measuring 700 feet by 600 feet in length and breadth respectively. You can see the west coast from the east coast and vice versa.

Walking through the casuarina groves is a pleasant experience.

Sunrise and sunset watching:

Yes, this rare feat is possible from this islet.

To sum up, Bamboo Island in southern Thailand is famous for its pristine beach, clear water, coral reefs and rare marine life.

It is worth a day trip when you are touring Phuket.