5 Islands That Offer Perfect Seclusion for the Honeymooners

Honeymooners travel destination

I wish I had conducted a survey regarding the most obvious choice of place for honeymooners because; I am of the firm opinion that any island, however remote it may be, is the ideal destination for spending the honeymoon.

After all, what the honeymoon couples would look for?

  • Ultimate privacy
  • Less crowded spots
  • Comfortable hotel or cottage rooms
  • Healthy food

These conditions are met only in islands that are exclusively suitable to spend the honeymoon. I am sure just-married couples would have left their feedback on various places on the web and based on that, here are 5 exotic islands in the world that would return the tourists with utmost satisfaction. Remember, the honeymoon is a lifetime trip.

I am not going to list Hawaii or Bahamas recommending them for honeymooners; such islands are dime a dozen. My intention is to name the islands that promise laidback experience and entice the newly-wed couples to plan their second honeymoon too soon on the same island. Got it?

Shetland Islands, Scotland for Honeymooners

Just glance at the locational advantage of the islands of Shetland archipelago and see whether it can promise secluded areas. I am sure you would agree.

Shetland honeymooners destination

Shetland comes under the subarctic climate. To make you understand easily, Siberia, Alaska, northern part of Scandinavian countries are all placed under the subarctic geographical region. I hope now you know how the climate of the Shetland islands and how the honeymoon couples would simply love it.

The Shetland islands are situated northeast of British Isles. The mainland of Scotland lies 168 km away. Very conveniently away-eh?

See the map below.

Even the Orkneys archipelago lies 280 km south of the Shetland Islands that comprises of more than hundred islands and islets. Being close to Norway, these islands offer perfect European climate to just-wed couples.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

The map shows that the Phi Phi islands are too far away from Thailand’s mainland but still, it is near to Phuket, one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions.

The climate is especially suitable for Asian couples as they are at home with the tropical climate. The Phi Phi islands offer tropical climate, lush green rainforests, snorkel-friendly sea, and several water sports. In spite of all the outdoor activities, the honeymooners can find silence and peace. They can walk hand-in-hand undisturbed for miles on the pristine beach.

Phi Phi Islands for Honeymooners

The best advice for honeymoon couples visiting the Phi Phi islands is to rent a private boat and hop around other Phi Phi islands that are:

  • Phi Phi Don
  • Phi Phi Le
  • Koh Yung
  • Ko Mai Phai
  • Ko Bida Nok
  • Koh Pai
  • Ko Bida Noi

Now, about this encouraging information for honeymoon couples?

  • Phi Phi Le is uninhabited
  • Phi Phi Don is devoid of roads which mean no vehicular traffic that further say, no sounds.

Hainan Island, China

Hainan Island, China for Honeymooners

It is strange that a Chinese island finds its way as one of the honeymoon-friendly places. I think the Hainan island located at China’s southern tip is a favorite only among Chinese couples. Hainan island is chosen as honeymoon-friendly because the terrain is mountainous and forested too that offers several hideaways for the newly married couples. In addition, the climate is tropical that is liked by the Asians.

The most obvious choice of place in the Hainan Island is the Sanya city. The honeymooners would love the ability to walk undisturbed on the Sanya Bay that stretches to several solitary kilometers.

Other natural places of attractions for the honeymooners in the Sanya city are Yanoda rainforest, waterfalls, Sanya monkey island,  Nantian hot springs, and hanging bridges.

Being thronged by the Chinese and Malays, the Hainan Island and its tourist attraction places are fully developed with hotels, resorts, and cottages.

Honeymooners Destination: Cebu Islands, Philippines

Honeymooners Destination Cebu Islands

Another tropical archipelago, the Cebu islands comprises of over 160 islands and islets in the Philippines. Those who are looking for seclusion in the Cebu Islands head to Moalboal island. In addition, the just-wed couples also like to spend time together at the beaches of Mactan Island and Badian island. There is a stunning looking waterfall called the Kawasan Falls where the honeymooners go to hide behind lush bushes or chose to take a dip in the Kabukalan Spring (http://www.vernongo.com/2016/03/the-magical-kabukalan-spring-in-badian-cebu.html ) or in the Matutinao River.

The Cebu island is ideally located within the proximity of several natural attractions and thus there is no dearth of places to linger around for couples. The location is also free from earthquakes and cyclones.

Honeymooners Destination: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

 St. Croix

The location is in the Caribbean sea. The island is full of historic monuments, archeological sites, buildings of architectural marvel that surely do not attract the majority of the general tourists thus making the St.Croix island less crowded. That’s why this island is ideal for privacy seekers that include the first-time honeymooners and Babymoon couples who are expecting their first child.

 St. Croix island

The beaches are pristine, the town is laid-back and the lush green rainforest offering perfect solitude.

The Caribbean rum flows in abundance and the seafood available is absolutely fresh.

Since these five islands spread across the world are highly recommended for honeymoon couples, the hotels and beach resorts are exclusively built to offer great privacy. Some of the hotels might even offer private lagoons for their guests to splash around.

Of course, the resorts are pricey but then, the honeymooners do not mind throwing away their money lavishly just to enjoy the ultimate seclusion and incredible luxuries.

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