Travel guide to the Falkland Islands

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Sometime during the early 1980s, we kept coming across the name, “ Falkland Islands ” repeatedly on the newspaper. It was the pre-internet era.

Looking back, I remember a modern day war fought by the British against Argentina because the later invaded the Falkland Island which is actually a British Overseas Territory, whatever that means politically. I could only say the Falkland Island were and are under the British control.

Location of Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands map

The Falkland Island with another name Islas Malvinas is an archipelago of 750 plus islands and islets situated in the South Atlantic Ocean, off South America’s Patagonia coast.

The whole of Falkland Island is divided into East and West Falkland. The dividing barrier is the Falkland Sound.

The capital of the entire Falkland Islands is Stanley and it is situated in the East Falkland Island.

Most of the Falkland Islands are mountainous region and the climate is cold and windy. During the summertime, it can be humid in Falkland Island.


Comprising an area of 12,000, the population of Falkland Island is shockingly very poor; less than 4000 as of 2016.

Feel like migrating to Falkland Island? Unless you think you can survive on fishing, Falkland Islands cannot lure you to relocate. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things to do for a tourist to the Falkland Islands.

How to go to Falkland Island?

The Falkland Islands are certainly isolated, situated too far off from the mainland of South America. It’s about 400 km from Patagonia. You can say it is the gateway to Antarctica.

Due to its remoteness, not many tourists plan to travel to the Falkland Islands alone. Those who have the Falkland Island on their bucket list, usually take up a group cruise. Cruise liners offer a cruise package on the South Atlantic Ocean visiting several countries, Chile being the starting point of the cruise.

Falkland Islands

However, if you want to go to the Falkland Island as a stand-alone trip, you need to take a flight either from Santiago or Punta Arenas in Chile.

From there, you can fly to Stanley, the capital of Falkland Island. The plane lands at the Mount Pleasant Airport, the only international airport in the Falkland Island.

Note: Flights depart only on Saturdays, both ways.

Moving around the various islands and islets of Falkland.

A mini plane takes people around the archipelago. Mini Plane operated by the Falkland Island Government.

How to hop from East to West Falkland Island?

You can enjoy a ferry ride on the Falkland Sound, the strait that divides the two main parts of the Falkland Island.

Marine life and wildlife in the Falkland Islands.

You as a tourist to the Falkland Island is not left with too many choices there. Watching wildlife and marine life is the only pastime. In fact, because of the unspoiled nature and negligible urbanization, wildlife and marine life have chosen the Falkland Island as their haven.

  • Seabirds that include penguins, albatross, and petrel
  • Whales
  • Seals (Pinnipeds)
  • Walruses
  • Sea lions
  • Geese
  • Chiloe wigeon
  • Silver teal
  • Rock cormorants
  • Imperial cormorants
  • Skuas
  • Seagulls
  • Oystercatchers
  • Plovers
  • White-tufted grebe
  • Night heron

The best place to spot the penguins in the Falkland Islands.


Being closer to the Antarctic Circle, penguins live here in thousands with great freedom. They outnumber the human population in the Falkland Island. Two other places of bird watching are the Port Stephens and Race Point Farm.

Visit only from November to April to encounter the rare seabird and go to a place called Volunteer Point that is located a 3-hour drive from Stanley.

What to eat in the Falkland Islands

Whatever the limited number of guest houses and homestay options in the Falkland Islands are, they won’t let a tourist go hungry.

They cook and serve all their local food willingly.

For breakfast, you can eat eggs, bacon, mutton chops, and sausages.

Lunch usually includes hot slices of bread (typical English countryside meal) soup, egg, and home-grown vegetables.

Ask for authentic Falkland Island seafood such as just captured trout and Patagonian sea bass.


The term ‘smoko’ used only in the Falk land Island to name the evening tea and snack. Along with black tea, the snacks plates are loaded with home-baked cakes and cookies, cakes, and diddle-dee jam. The diddle-dee is local fruit in the Falkland Islands. It is also known as crowberry.


Not too many choices of hard liquors in the Falkland Islands except rum with hot water and sugar. For beer lovers, there two locally brewed beer called Peat Cutter and Rock Hopper.

Accommodation in the Falkland Islands

Stanely is naturally the best place to find decent accommodation options such as guest houses, cottages, and farmhouses (home-stay).