12 Best Things to Do in Phuket Island, Thailand

Best Things to Do in Phuket Island, Thailand

Which is the most visited beach on Phuket Island?

Place your finger on Bangkok, move down to Krabi. To the west of Krabi, you can spot the island of Phuket, floating in the Andaman Sea, an arm of the Indian Ocean.

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How to reach Phuket Island?

You can fly to Phuket from Bangkok in about two hours.

If you are a seafarer, you can reach Krabi. From Krabi, a ferry gets you to Phuket Island in a little more than two hours.

Another scenic way to go to Phuket is by road via Sarasin Bridge which connects the Phang Nga province of Thailand. The length of the bridge is only 660 meters.

Here is a video of the Sarasin Bridge across the Strait of Malacca. The Sarasin Bridge leaves the Phang Nga Bay to take you to Phuket.

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I think this mode of transportation over a sea is more beautiful than sea crossing by a ferry.

Phuket Island and its 32 sibling islands and islets comprise the province of Phuket, Thailand.

Which is the most visited beach in Phuket Island?

If you ask this question to any Thai on Phuket, he or she will look at you as if you are queer, because, all the beaches on the island are very popular and all are equally beautiful.

Phuket Island, Thailand

Nonetheless, Hat Kata Beach draws quite a large number of visitors. Let us learn what is so special about Hat kata Beach.

Hat Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand is on the Coast of Andaman Sea. This is on the west of Thailand.

Best Things to Do in Phuket Island, Thailand

  1. Tropical look

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The mountainous and jungle backdrop of the Hat Kata Beach make you realize you are in a true Asian tropical paradise. You can lounge under the shady trees and watch people enjoy the beach and swimming in the sea.

  1. Availability of hotels

We can’t say for certain which came first; the tourist crowd or the hotels. Nevertheless, tourists are greatly relieved to find various accommodation options near or facing the Hat Kata Beach.

Inexplicably, this part of Phuket is comparatively cheaper. Even the famous Thai food is quite affordable in the restaurants and street food stalls.

If your wallet is thick, you can opt to stay in a high-end hotel in Patong Beach.


The most sought after accommodation is at Club Med Resort that has a presence in various, popular tourist spots in the world.

This proximity is also one of the reasons for the popularity of Hat Kata.

  1. Whale Watching

This is Bryde’s Whale that lives only in the Andaman Sea. I mean, you cannot spot them in the Gulf of Thailand, which is on the eastern side of the country.

So, naturally, it attracts quite a number of marine life enthusiasts.

  1. Sunset watching

Hat Kata Beach is facing India’s east coast. Therefore, the sunset from the beach is absolutely captivating.

Crowds start piling up on the beach to capture the beauty of the drowning sun in their cameras. Suddenly, the bars and restaurants abutting the beach wear a deserted look.

  1. Flight Spotting

Watching the flights hover low over the sea before landing on the island’s international airport is breathtaking.

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I think, even the passengers inside the flight will equally find the view, spectacular.

This fun applies to all age groups. I guess even the flight crew will join the game.

  1. Surfing and Regatta competition

The two annual events are held in Hat Kata Beach. At that time, Phuket’s east coast side will remain empty. Maybe it is why there are a number of hotels near Hat kata Beach.

Regatta means a boat race. Only row boats are used such as canoes. It is a jolly competition that is participated with a lot of enthusiasm.

  1. Night Market

Though it is called a night market, the shops close down by 9 om. Nonetheless, it is one of the must-visit places in Phuket.

Numerous shops sell myriad goods, but mostly, Thai dresses, beautiful handbags for ladies, and hats. It is a good place to buy your memorabilia.

In addition, the aroma from street food stalls will pull like a magnet. Try the local delicacies and their tasty tea.

  1. Karon Observation Platform

The observation platform is a small cliff top from where, the Andaman Sea view is sweeping.

It gets crowded around 6 pm to watch the dipping sunset.

  1. Visit Phang Nga Bay

It is not very far from Hat Kata Beach. The bay is worth visiting. A boat ride is memorable. The sight of some tall, monoliths on the water and James Bond Island are great to take videos and photos.

OMG! This monolith just outside the James Bond Island is wild to look at.

Did you like it? If so, here is another view of the Ko Tapu (James Bond Island).

Ko Tapu

There is a legend (local folklore) behind this 65 feet single limestone rock.

This magnificent rock appeared in one of the James Bond films titled, “The man with the golden gun”.

  1. Thai Temples

You can instantly recognize a Thai temple because of its winged roof. The Thai Hindus and Buddhists are very religious minded. They observe utmost silence when they go into a temple.

More than 20 temples are in Phuket. Near Hat Kata Beach town, there is a wonderful temple complex called “Wat Kittisankaram”.

  1. Water Sports

Surfing is widely pursued but not during the monsoon when the waves roar.

Veterans go scuba diving and stay inside the water for about 30 minutes.

  1. Marine Creatures to spot

Snorkeling is also possible. If you decide in its favor, take a look at this Butterfly Fish.

Try to recognize it when you float on the water.

Another striking marine creature that you should wait to spot is the awesome Blue Crab.

Look at the pictures of a few more exotic underwater species.

  • Humpback Shrimp
  • Mud Lobster
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Moray Eel

When is the best time to visit Phuket?

Phuket is generally hot right through the year. However, during December to February, the sun is a bit friendlier on your back.

How far is the Phuket International Airport from Hat Kata?

50 km is the approximate distance that you can cover either by private or public transport. Hotels also offer airport transfer.