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Have You Seen These 6 Incredibly Beautiful Islands of Africa?

Islands of Africa

I know you have seen the top 5 Islands of Africa that are: Reunion Islands Madagascar Mauritius Zanzibar Seychelles No island lover who is addicted to visiting the Islands of Africa can make up his mind to visit other excellent island getaways in Europe, Asia, and Polynesia. Islands of Africa are too beautiful and too diverse to point out a couple of reasons for the love of them. They carry the real meaning of ‘exotic islands’ The […]

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5 Island Beaches in East Africa

Seychelles East Africa

East Africa is home not only to jungles and game parks but also to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. As far as I have read, unlike the beaches in other parts of the world such the United States or India, the beaches in East Africa ooze totally a different culture that reflects the Africans’ belief, lifestyle, and culture. The life in and around the African beaches are slow paced and quite relaxed. In addition, the […]

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