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12 Endemic Wildlife of Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands frigatebird

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, I am sure you would be interested in reading about rare birds and animals that live exclusively on remote islands in different parts of the world. Some of the birds, big and small animals, and even reptiles and marine life would sometimes decide to stay on the same island because they feel safe there and the availability of their prey in plenty. When that happens, such wildlife is called ‘endemic’ meaning […]

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Endemic Wildlife Watching Galápagos Islands

Grapsus_grapsus Wildlife Watching Galápagos Islands

Endemic Wildlife Watching Galápagos Islands- Yesterday, I dug out my camera to see if there is anything I can watch again to pass the time. One of the videos begged me to watch it again. It was a lengthy video that I shot in the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore last year on this same day. I enjoyed watching again. Some of the birds were stunningly beautiful and a few of them were huge in size. The video […]

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