What is Special about Manjuyod Sandbar, Philippines?

What is Special about Manjuyod Sandbar, Philippines

When you are watching this video clip, after about 2 minutes, you can notice the white Manjuyod Sandbar that is flanked by the North Bais Bay, Cebu Sea on its either side.

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Sandbars have their own peculiarly beautiful attraction. They pull nature lovers, and island buffs, and seafarers from every corner of the world.

Maldives is known for such breathtaking sandbars. As a matter of fact, Manjuyod Sandbar is fondly called the “Maldives of the Philippines”. It is nearly 7 km long.

Walking through long sandbars is an incredible experience. You won’t find the correct words to describe your feeling.

You would find yourself composing a few words about how you feel even as you are walking on Manjuyod Sandbar.

Is Panampangan Island also a sandbar?

Panampangan Island is a sandbar. Its length is 3.2 km. It is located in Sulu Archipelago, the Philippines.

Can we walk on a sandbar always?

Yes, we can, provided they are visible. Only when the tides are low, sandbars reveal themselves.

Location of Manjuyod Sandbar?

It is just off the shores of the east coast of Negros Oriental, Visayas region, the Philippines.

Its capital is “Dumaguete”.

But, the gateway to Manjyod Sandbar is Bais City. It is located 48 km north of Dumaguete city.

From Bais city, our sandbar is a 20 minutes boat ride away.

You can also drive from Dumaguete city.

Flight option to visit Dumaguete, the capital city of Negros Oriental:

Fly from Manila to Dumaguete. It’s a 3-hour-long flight.

Are there chartered boats in Bais to Manjuyod sandbar?

Yes, you can do that, but you need to book your boat well in advance.  A whole day renting is advisable.

Appearance of Manjuyod Sandbar.

The color of the sandbar is shining white, that looks extremely beautiful because of the contrasting navy blue on both sides.

Staying options in Bais city.

The most recommended hotel is Casa Sandoval Pension and Restaurant. The next best option is Casa Don Julian.

Campuyo Aroma Beach Resort is located in Manjuyod town.

What is Special about Manjuyod Sandbar, Philippines?

Attractions in and around Manjuyod Sandbar.

  • Dolphin Watching

The same boat by which you arrived at the sandbar will take you further into the Cebu Sea to show you dolphins and other marine creatures.

  • Campuyo Sandbar

Its also worth visiting this destination near Bais. You can get down from the ‘outrigger boat’, walk on the sandbar, hit the water for a swimming stint. Snorkeling is recommended to watch brilliantly colored fish species.

  • Balinsasayao Twin Lakes National Park

The lakes are actually volcanic craters that are filled with rain water. You can trek up to them and reach the summit that is situated at around 950 feet.

The names of the twin lakes:

  • Balinasasayao


  • Danao

The twins are beautifully separated by a ridge. This is a stunningly scenic place with mountains all around.

The view of the Cebu Sea is spectacular from the twin lakes.

It is a unique feature that the depth of the Balinsasayao Lake is 300 feet. It is actually a crater with such a great depth.

  • Wildlife watching

The twin lakes NP acts as an ideal habitat for more than 100 species of birds that include:

  • Japanese Night Heron
  • Negros Bleeding Heart (What a name for a bird)
  • Wrinkled Hornbill of Visayan
  • Ducks
  • Cuckoos
  • Cockatoos

I guess, you can tour around the sandbar including the twin lakes area, and the forest surrounding them in about 4 hours.

If you spend an hour in the water, you can get back in about 5 and a half hours to your hotel in Bais or even to your resort in Dumaguete.