Best 7 days South Pacific Tours

South Pacific Tours

Would you like to visit 6 South Pacific Islands including Society Islands in 7 days?

This is your chance of a lifetime. Visiting 6 of the most visited islands of French Polynesia is not possible unless it is organized by an experienced cruise tour operator. In addition, it’s an all-inclusive cruise deal inclusive of airfare!

For around $5000+, it’s a steal, my friend!

South Pacific Ocean Tour:

Here are the salient details of the dream cruise in the South Pacific Ocean, home to true exotic islands including Tahiti and Bora Bora. These are the two islands you would have heard about very frequently. You have haven been wishing to visit them but kept procrastinating your wish somehow.

Maybe your procrastination is god because this 7-day islands deal is offered only now.

Do you know these 6 islands are part of Society Islands archipelago?

Now, to answer your burning question; which are the 6 French Polynesia islands that are covered in the cruise.

  • Tahiti
  • Moorea
  • Raiatea
  • Tahaa
  • Bora Bora
  • Huahaine

Which cruise line is organizing this tour of French Polynesian islands?

Some best cruise organizers are organizing this tour . A ship line that has been cruising the South Pacific Ocean for as many as 35 years is the perfect choice to entrust you for the dream voyage.

The advantages of cruise:

  • You get to see 6 distant islands in the South Pacific
  • It is an all-inclusive cruise in which even your flight fare is taken care of. Flight departure city is Los Angeles.
  • It is a small yacht that can accommodate only 148 tourists excluding the crew.
  • Air fare from Los Angeles to Papeete, the capital of Tahiti Island and back, cruising cost from Papeete to Papeete round trip covering 6 Society Islands, hotel stay and food costs, and transfers are included in the price.
  • You sail with one of the most dependable cruise lines in the world.

Here is the route map:

In case you want a longer duration vacation, you can choose 10 or 11 days cruise.

What can you expect to see and to do during this voyage?

  • Take a walk through lush moist forests.
  • Sun bathe on pristine and uncrowded beaches
  • Buy black pearls
  • Go for a long snorkeling stint
  • Walk through the world famous Three Coconut Walking Trail for incredible and breathtaking views and great experience.Three Coconut Hiking Trail is in Moorea Island.


  • White sand beaches in Bora Bora
  • Different colored sea in Bora Bora which is actually a natural illusion caused by the crystal clear blue water, white sand sea bed and the sunlight. Bora Bora’s sea water is one of the clearest waters in the world.
  • Take a grand tour in a car whose all four wheels are powered. I don’t know why a tour of an island in such a 4×4 car. There are some local tour operators who offer guided tour of Bora Bora Island in their 4×4 vehicles. Vavau 4×4 adventures is one. However, since you are already a part of an organized cruise tour, I suppose they will take care of your local tours.
  • You can join other fellow travelers and feed stingrays.
  • Cruise the Bora Bora lagoon in a sail boat or go on a glass-bottomed boat tour and witness the incredible marine creatures.
  • Hike the extinct volcanic mountain known as Mount Otemanu.
  • Snorkel or scuba dive to see and touch rare and colorful reefs
  • Watch a traditional fire dance by the Polnesians in Tiki Village, Moorea island
  • Try tasting Tahiti’s national dish called “ Poisson cru”. It has a unique taste because the raw fish that is served was soaked in liquid comprising coconut milk and lemon juice. What a combination!
  • Other local specialties in Society Islands include:
  • Huli huli chicken The word ‘huli huli’ points to a sauce.
  • Polynesian Pork Tacos
  • Red cabbage rolls

South Pacific Society Islands Tour:

To sum up the things to do on Society Islands, the stunning beaches, underwater creatures, local food, and interaction with native Polynesians are the main things to do. Whether you are taking a week-long vacation or just casually visiting, you must be a beach lover and wildlife viewer in rainforests.

For more information on tour prices and schedules, visit the tour companies’ individual websites. Most tour companies pick travelers up directly from their hotels or have centrally located pickup spots.

There are various dates of departures that start from September 21st. Even during October and November, The Cruises liners offer several dates of departure from Los Angeles.

I know of similar cruise packages to the French Polynesia operated by other cruise lines. However, Windstar Cruise’s all-inclusive package including flight tickets from Los Angeles is very attractive for tourists who are not great travel planners.