What Can You Do in Cococay Island?

CocoCay Island

CocoCay is a small island in the Bahamas. It is located in the Caribbean Sea.

Apart from the ultimate charm of being an island of the Bahamas, It is one of the busy islands in the Caribbean that attracts water sports adventures from the United States.

I don’t think the European would bother to go a long way to an island, just to see a water theme park. Let us safely assume the Americans comprise the majority of the tourist to Coco Island and let us address this blog post to their whims and wishes.

All over the world, Americans’ are passionate lovers of water theme-based activities that include rides, slides, surfing, artificial wave pools, etc.


CocoCay Island, a Brief Overview:

A cay is a small sandy land, floating on the surface of a coral reef in a sea. It is part of the Bahamas. Its alternative name is Little Stirrup Cay.

Politically and geographically, it is part of the Berry Islands archipelago which itself is a district of the Bahamas.

Berry Islands

Berry Islands comprise of 30 islands and 100+ cays. One of the cays is CocoCay.

CocoCay Island is a privately owned entity by the popular Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Since most of the cays are too small, they are purchased by entrepreneurs who develop them into a resort that offers fun activities on the beach and in the water.

How far is CocoCay from Nassau the capital of Bahamas?

The distance between the two is approximately 110 km only.

How to reach CocoCay Island?

As you saw in the image above, it is too small Islet to have an airstrip. So, there is no way you can fly into the cay.

Cruise ships regularly dock at the ferry port but only for about half a day. I think you can complete a tour of the cay with full satisfaction.

The cruise ships that cruise to the Bahamas, make a stop here. The luxury yachts and private ferries leave the shores of New York, New Orleans, and Baltimore.

Did you notice the long pier in the image of it? It acts as a jetty for the cruise liners to anchor.

Alternatively, visitors to Nassau can make a day trip to it and return to their hotel in Nassau. There are no options to stay on the island of CocoaCay.

What can you do in CocoCay Island?

Now that you know where it is located and how to reach there, let us see how you can spend a day in that Cay.

  1. Water Theme Park

Much of your time is spent exploring the various rides and slides in the water theme park.  Children would not allow you to return to the ship or to your hotel in Nassau.  Their fun and cheer are contagious, enticing the elders too to join their fun.

The star attraction in the water park is Dare Devils Peak water slide. Your descent starts at a dizzying height of 135 feet!

As you saw in the video, you have to climb all the way up to the start of the slide. There are no chairlifts.

What are all the other things you can do in CocoCay:

  1. Jet skiing
  2. Ziplining-the unique aspect of this thrilling zipline adventure is, you don’t have to hang on to the metal wire precariously; you can comfortably sit and slide over the zipline.

  1. Wave pool
  2. Twister slide
  3. Observation Tower
  4. Drink and swim or vice versa in the swim-up bar
  5. Slingshot water slide
  6. Beach volleyball games
  7. Fishing
  8. Watch the marine creatures while riding in a boat that has a sea-view glass bottom.
  9. Zorbing is another thrill for all age groups of people.
  10. Snorkeling-the coral reefs are great to watch and touch
  11. Float on your back safely in the pool by lying on a floatable mat
  12. There are a few diners and bars to keep you from starving
  13. Hot air balloon ride. The aerial view of it and other small cays and the Caribbean Sea is simply breathtaking.

These exciting water slides, water adventure sports, the beach, and the restaurants give you one of the best days in your life.

Since it is a sponsored island, everything there is given to you free of cost when you buy your all-inclusive cruise trip package offered by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.