Detailed Travel Guide to Canggu Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Canggu Beach
Indonesia attracts and threatens equally, especially during monsoon. While Bali in Indonesia is the second most visited island in the world, we hear about tsunami threats during the rainy seasons. Then, there are the volcanic eruptions in Mount Agung, Bali, Indonesia. In spite of these threats from nature, tourists throng the various islands of Bali compulsively attracted by the serene beaches, lush forests, enchanting nightlife, rejuvenating outdoor activities most of which are water sports, and above all the sumptuous and tasty East Asian food. In this blog post, you will know about all the attractions of Canggu beach, Bali, Indonesia. You can also choose the hotel for your upcoming stay. Know beforehand the facilities and amenities of your choice of beach resort and the food they serve.

Come on, let us visit the Canggu beach and wet our feet.

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Where is Canggu beach?

If you have searched for the various sightseeing attractions in Bali, you would have come across the names of Tanah Lot and Seminyak, the beach villages in the southernmost part of Bali. Our focus beach Canggu beach lies between the above two beach attractions. So, there are 3 highly visited beach resorts in a row. After reading the activities to do in Bali town itself, I wonder how people can find time to visit other attractions near Bali.

How to reach the Ganggu beach village?

It is located near the popular Seminyak beach town. The distance between the two places is only 20 km. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, you drive for 45 minutes to reach the Canggu.

Canggu Beach

Specialties of Canggu beach.

Canggu beach is blessed with black sand and naturally, it becomes a world attraction. I think, next only to the hair, people like black color in beach sand only. Another specialty of the Canggu beach is the strong surf. This is a rare character of a beach and not many beaches in the world have strong surf breaks. The Bay of Bengal is known to comprise of seafronts with surf breaks that attract surfers from various parts of the world, especially from Australia. The following beaches are known to attract surfers:

  • Batu Bolong Beach
  • Berawa Beach
  • Echo Beach
  • Pererenan Beach

Attractions of Canggu beach town

Rice Terraces


I should have included the rice terraces of Canggu in the specialties of Canggu beach. I mention it here because the paddy field terraces are found in-land.

The countryside of Canggu Beach equally attracts tourists to Bali as the beautiful beaches. As surfers’ favorite place, Canggu witnesses frequent surf camps. It even hosted a an International Surfing Championship in 2004. Meeting the tourists’ demand, resorts and cottages have come up in the countryside of Canggu beach town.

Canggu is a strategically located beach town as it is sandwiched between two other prominent beach villages of the Seminyak and the Tanah Lot. The tourists overflow always spills into the Canggu beach village. The other two tourist attractions are loaded with high-end beach-facing villas and luxury beach resorts, late-night bars, and nightclubs.

Equestrian Centre

Rarely, beach resorts offer activities other than water sports. Canggu beach resort is an exception. It has built up a horse stable and is part of the Bali Equestrian Centre that entertains children with pony rides on the beach sand.

Berawa Beach

It wears a dark grey and black sand beach abutting a clear-blue lagoon that is decently large enough so that at least 20 people can plunge into it at a time. The surfers prefer Berawa beach in Canggu beach village because it is located at the end of the it and thus less crowded. Surfers’ joy gets spoiled with too much crowd.


Bali Trampoline Centre

Trampoline is a bouncing game that all age groups enjoy climbing on top of the bouncing arena and start bouncing on the tightly stretched fabric over metal frames. The video below will throw more light on the Trampoline.

The trampoline is an indoor game that is located at the Canggu Club. The most enjoyable aspect of this Bali Bouncing Center is the pool of foam cubes into which you dive on the bouncing rebound.

Bounce session lasts for one hour. The next session starts every hour, on the hour so you need to plan your arrival accordingly so that you spend minimum time in the queue.

The Canggu club itself is an ideal place to freak out in activities that include:

  • Waterpark
  • Gym
  • Bowling alley
  • Tennis
  • Spa
  • Kid’s club

Sunset watching at Echo Beach

The Echo Beach is actually a surfers’ paradise but those who accompany the surfers, enjoy watching the sunset at this sprawling beachfront sitting in one of the barbeque restaurants and enjoy a drink with local seafood snack. This beach wears a black sand drape.

There are more lovely beaches in Canggu such as Seseh Beach which also wears a black sand dress, the Pererenan Beach, and the Nelayan Beach,

Where to eat at Canggu?

Since it is a rural area, you are assured of getting to eat authentic Balinese cuisine. One of the highly recommended restaurants is the Shady Shack that is overlooking the famous rice terrace. The restaurant serves good vegetarian food. It is open from 7.30 am and closes at 10 pm. You can find it at 57 Jalan Tanah Barak.

If you like to taste the local delicacy ‘the dragon fruit smoothie’, head to the Betelnut Café located at Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu. Its operating hours are 7 am to 10 pm. Monday is their holiday. This dessert is called, “Naga Bomb”.

There are about 10 restaurants to eat Balinese food and international cuisine. Most of the dining area is facing the sea.