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15 Most Thrilling Hiking Trails and Natural Attractions of Iceland


Iceland is definitely not on the map of the majority of the travelers for reasons undisclosed but whatever may be the reasons, I would say they are biased because Iceland is simply a paradise for hiking buffs and unnaturally natural scenes and unimaginable landscape that just cannot be put into words. Only a photographer can capture all the gorgeousness of Iceland’s tourist attractions. Iceland’s hiking trails do not beckon a casual walker who cries for rest after […]

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8 Biggest Islands in the World Worth for Your Visit

Biggest islands

This blog post reports the 8 biggest islands in the world. My target readers for this article are the avid islands travelers in the world. They can read this blog and bookmark the big islands that they plan to add to their bucket list. Pleasures of traveling to islands My personal preference is always traveling to small islands and cute islets that are either sparsely inhabited by humans or uninhabited but I sure would love to encounter […]

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