Travel guide to Rawa Island, Malaysia

Travel guide to Rawa Island, Malysia

Where is this beautiful Rawa Island?

It is in Malaysia’s east coast. The coral-filled waters of the South China Sea is surrounding this Malaysian Island.

Travel guide to Rawa Island, Malysia

What is the speciality of this island?

You can unmistakably see white doves everywhere on the island. ‘Rawa’ means ‘white doves’ in Malay language.

How to reach the this island?

A half – hour boat ride from Mersing town; that is all required to get to this island.

How far is Mersing from Kuala Lumpur?

The distance is 350 km. Luxury buses are available from Kuala Lumpur. It’s a 4 and a half hour journey on the road.

Flights are also operated from the Malaysian capital to Johore Bahru.

Mersing is 130 km from Johore Bahru, the bustling city and the capital of Johor state. It may be a 30-minute flight.

When is the best time to visit Rawa Island?

April to mid-October is said to be the peak season.

People from Singapore also go to this island. Singapore is only 130 south of the island

Can I drive from Singapore?

Yes, of course. There is a road bridge over the sea connecting Malaysia and Singapore.

The bridge has both road and rail connection.

The bridge is called Johor-Singapore causeway. It measures just a little more than a kilometre.

Johor-Singapore causeway

On which sea is the Malaysia to Singapore bridge is bullt?

It is called Straits of Johor, an arm of the South China Sea.

Where to stay on Rawa Island?

You can opt to stay in beach resorts, but they are expensive.  Slightly cheaper are beachfront villas.

Other staying options include:

  • Lanza Retreat
  • Hopewell Lodge
  • Lochmara Lodge

Since the hotels are pricey on the island, you can find cheaper accommodations in Mersing town.

What is the special food on Rawa Island?

Apart from the ubiquitous fish and noodles, there is nothing special to mention in the menu cards of the restaurants.

What to do on the island?

It is a coral island with nothing big to see around. Your time revolves around the beach, the sea, and jagged rocks.

The beach sand is white and is inviting you to soak in the hot sun.

Water Sports:

  • Kayaking, and canoeing are possible because the sea is rather calm on all sides except the eastern shores.
  • Some resorts offer windsurfing adventure.
  • Swimming and sport fishing are good options to spend your time.
  • Sailing is a thrilling water sport. However, you need to accompany a seasoned captain. If you are lured by this idea, check it out at Rawa Safaris Resort.
  • Island hopping is an exciting opportunity. You can visit the cheaper Tioman Island, Harimau, and Mensirip Island.
  • Snorkeling is pursued by just about every visitor to the Rawa Island. The colourful corals are worth seeing.
  • Scuba diving goes hand in hand with snorkelling. The marine creatures that include the dangerous jellyfish, squids, reef sharks pull daredevils to slip on their scuba diving gear and hit the bottom of the sea.
  • There is a mini water theme park on the island. You have two slides to try. At the end of the slides is the South China Sea. This means you land directly in the sea. That must be enjoyable.

Rock Climbing

The eastern side of the island is full of jagged cliffs.

Try your mountaineering talent to get a breathtaking view of the sea and other small islets.

Is there anyway of moving around the island?

Trust your feet only, mate.  After all, the island is just an islet measuring 1 km by 200 meters in length and breadth.

With so little things to do on Rawa Island, you can make a dauytrip either from Mersing, or Johore Bahru, or even from Singapore instead of staying on this tiny islet.