12 Most beautiful islands in the world

Most beautiful islands in the world

 There are literally countless islands on our planet earth. However, certainly, not all of them are most beautiful islands in the world.

What are the parameters of most beautiful islands in the world?

When it comes to scenic islands, generally, the size of the islands doesn’t matter-right? An island’s overall beauty depends on various factors such as:

  • The backdrop of a mountain or a rocky cliff overlooking the beach
  • Hotels and resorts on an elevated plateau with an uninterrupted view of the beach and the ocean beyond
  • Lush, tropical rainforest’s presence in the island
  • White sand beach
  • Clear bluish-green water on the sea
  • Presence of lagoons those are safe for even children to swim
  • Caves that are a short boat ride away

12 Most beautiful islands in the world

These factors decide how beautiful an island is-right?

Let us have a brief overview of such scenic and Most beautiful islands in the world.

  1. Ischia, Italy

Ischia, Italy

Actually, Sicily, an Italian island attracts more number of visitors than any other island of Italy. However, we are picking out some of the Most beautiful islands in the world. In that category, Ischia Island stands tall among various other islands of Europe.

Basically, Ischia is a volcanic island. No, there are no active islands, buddy! Therefore, it is definitely safe to travel to Ischia Island.

The beautiful island of Ischia is part of the Phlegrean Islands chain. All the islands of the Phlegrean archipelago are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ischia Island is easily accessible from Naples, one of the top cities of Italy as far as tourism is concerned. The 30 km distance from the mainland of Naples will be covered in about an hour by a fast-boat.

The beauty of the Ischia Island lies in the mountain that stands as a backdrop of the island.

The main attractions of Ischia Island:

  • Its wine, especially the white wine
  • Dormant volcano
  • The crater at the top of the volcano
  • Natural hot springs
  • Beautiful beaches
  • View of the Phlegrean Islands from the hotel room situated high above the sea
  • Aragonese Castle
  • Poseidon Gardens
  • Maronti Beach
  • Church of the Soccorso
  • Bay of Sorgeto
  • English’s Beach
  1. Most beautiful islands in the world: Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island

Wow! Can you take your eyes off this Most beautiful islands in the world? Were you aware of the existence of such a breathtaking island in Canada?

I guess your answer will be ‘no’.

Cape Breton Island is part of Nova Scotia, a province of Canada.

Though it is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, it is connected to the mainland of Nova Scotia through a lengthy causeway called “Canso Causeway “. This means, you can walk up to the island.

Canso Causeway

This scenic causeway runs for 4.5 km!

This lengthy causeway is a major attraction of Cape Breton Island.

Another reason for the beauty of this Canadian island is the Cape Breton Highlands.

Cape Breton Highlands

This ‘highlands’ is part of the well-known Appalachian mountain chain.

Other major tourist attractions of Cape Breton Island:

  • Cabot Trail scenic highway

This breathtaking highway encircles the island’s coastal lines.

  • Thick green forests along the Cabot TrailCabot Trail
  • Highlands National Park
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Whale watching
  • Sydney Fiddle

Wildlife of Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island is quite large comprising more than 10k sq.km. The island’s extensive coastline, highland mountains, and lush forests are havens to a large number of birds and animals species.

Birds that you can spot in Cape Breton Island:

  • Hawks
  • Garnets
  • Owls
  • Kestrels

Animals of Cape Breton Island:

  • Snowshoe Fare
  • Marten
  • Moose
  • Red Fox
  • Beaver
  • Mink
  • Raccoon

Marine Life of Cape Breton Island:

  • 5 species of whales including ‘Pilot Whales’
  • Dolphins


Other places to see in Cape Breton Island

  • Bras d’Or Lake
  • Lake Ainslie Lake
  1. Channel Islands, Most beautiful islands in the world

Channel Islands

Not heard of these small but beautiful islands that are located on the Pacific Ocean? There are eight of them and are highly frequented by the Californians.

The beauty of these eight islands lies in the diverse and rich marine life, a rarity in this part of the Pacific Ocean.

For example, how do you like to encounter the following very rare marine creatures?

  • Sea Bass
  • The Sea Slug Sea Slug
  • Sea Fan ( a kind of coral)
  • Moray Eel
  • Sea Lion
  • Bat Ray
  • Garibaldi

To reach the Channel Island, you can either choose a short plane ride or go on a boat. My choice is always a relaxing but exciting sea voyage.

  1. Guadeloupe Island, Caribbean

Guadeloupe Island

What a lush green tropical forest! This is the iconic scene of the Caribbean Islands that lure mostly the Americans with their family.

Yes, this beautiful island is again not a well-known island. However, this is a Caribbean Island, boss. You can expect the works of a Caribbean Island that include:

  • Palm tree-lined beaches
  • Perennial sunshine
  • Great Food

Guadeloupe Island is a French overseas territory. This is not a single island but two. They are divided by Salee River.

Sadly, these two beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea are not frequently serviced by flights.

Other things to do in Guadeloupe Island:

  • See the La Soufrière and hike up to its peak
  • Visit Plage de Pompierre Beach
  • See Marie-Galante Beach
  1. Cyprus Island

Cyprus Island

Did you notice the lack of a large beach in the above photo of Cyprus, one of the Most beautiful islands in the world?

The beach is replaced by a lagoon! Such a geographical feature is conducive to swimming which is evident from the large number of people found on the lagoon.

Location of Cyprus

Cyprus is an island on the Mediterranean Sea. The island is surrounded by Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Israel. That would give you an idea of its location.

Interestingly, all these national including Cyprus have almost the same culture and cuisine.

Cyprus Island is perennially warm. Naturally, that is a big attraction factor for the Europeans who have built luxury resorts all along the coast.

Tourists are excited at the availability of several water sports and stunning beaches.

Cyprus Island’s beauty lies in its beautiful beaches that also have diving sites and snorkeling spots, vineyards, and breathtaking hiking trails.
The names of some of the best beaches in Cyprus are:

  • Pissouri Beach
  • Santa Barbara Beach
  • Vrysoudia A Beach
  • Protaras Beach

YouTube video

  • Konnos Beach

Konnos Beach

Forest walk in Cyprus Island

If the beaches heat you up beyond bearable levels, cool yourself by taking a leisurely, long walk in the forests.

One of the highly recommended place in Cyprus is the ‘Cedar Valley Forest.

YouTube video

The two other forests in Cyprus that are cool and lovely:

  • Pedagogical Academy Natural Forest Park
  • Kormakiti Forest

Other big attraction of Cyprus:
Milomeri Waterfalls

  1. Cook Islands, Most beautiful islands in the world

Cook Islands

That’s a typical landscape of a Polynesian Island. Without a single exception, all the Polynesia Islands that are floating on the South Pacific Ocean are absolutely beautiful.

Most of the 15 islands that are part of the Cook Islands have the dense tropical forest as backdrops to the beautiful beaches.

Some of the Cook Islands are known for rugged mountains while some islands’ waterscape is interspersed with coral reefs.

The reefs and other marine life of the Cook Islands attract snorkeling enthusiasts and scuba divers throughout the year.

  1. Most beautiful islands in the world: Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands

I reckon the Aussies have very few island escape destinations. Even if there are some picturesque islands to go around Australia, they are too far off and not suitable for a weekend trip.

The Whitsunday Islands comprise seventy-four islands of different sizes. Nonetheless, not all are touristy.

The nearest of the 74 islands is located a whopping 900 km from Brisbane.

These scenic islands, especially the ones that are uninhabited attract the Aussies with their dark jungles, teeming with exotic birds and reptiles.

The beaches that wear white sand are another attraction for the tourists.

Moreover, Whitsunday Islands also act gateways to see the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, considered as a world wonder

  1. Masirah Island, Oman

Masirah Island

Though Oman is considered a very hot country in the Middle East, its only island, Masirah attracts the Oman people.

The landscape comprises rugged mountains that are not of great height. In addition, the hills facing the sea are barren, devoid of vegetation.

Reaching the Masirah Island is possible only by a ferry.

The main attractions of Masirah Island are wildlife such as giant turtles and flamingoes.

Oystercatcher is a beautiful bird. They are spotted in Masirah Island.


  1. Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra Islands

This small but a scenic island has a unique feature. As many as 14 species of sea birds reside here, nesting and breeding.

I read somewhere that the population of birds is much more than the island’s permanent residents.

Birds that you can spot in Culebra Island are:

  • Brown Noddy
  • Sooty Tern
  • Laughing Gull
  • Bridled Tern
  • Red-billed Tropicbird

Being an island of the Caribbean, certainly, you can expect beautiful beaches with coconut trees lining on the fringes of the beach.

Diving is a favorite sport in Culebra Island as well as swimming with green turtles.

  1. Most beautiful islands in the world: Tahiti Islands

Tahiti Islands

The islands of French Polynesia are most beautiful beyond description. The beaches are just too beautiful to capture in our camera.

The mountains with thick vegetation giver cool cover in contrast to the sun-kissed beaches.

The entire archipelago is volcanic in nature thus giving ample scope for hiking and trekking.

Below is the stunningly scenic coast of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia.


OMG! What a picturesque setting. There is no match to the beauty of the islands of Polynesia.

There are two more islands that are extremely scenic and they certainly require no words to introduce.

  1. Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands

  1. Fiji Islands in the South Pacific

Fiji Islands


I should admit there are hundreds of islands in the world that are inherently beautiful. However, these 12 scenic islands occupy a dark spot on the tourist radar.

In addition, these twelve islands also appear frequently in travel magazines and films too.

Pick your choice of 12 charming islands, bro, which I know is difficult.