Famous Islands for Holidays That Beckon Repeat Visit

Famous Islands for Holidays That Beckon Repeat Visit

There is a certain sect of people who doesn’t visit any other vacation destination other than islands and islets. For them, islands mean the ultimate vacation ideas. Islands for holidays are their obsession.

The warmth, the sea breeze, views of the ocean, colored sand beaches, the unique wildlife especially the seabirds, the salt and fish smell in the wind, the seafood in the various islands across the continents compel them to seek new distant islands for their annual vacation.

Generally, islands are free from automobile pollution. The different cultures and festivals on islands lure passionate travelers.

In their bucket list of seven famous islands for holidays, some islands appear more than once elsewhere on the web.

7 Famous Islands for Holidays That Beckon Repeat Visit

Let us have a look at the list of famous islands that beg you to visit once more.

  1. Barbados


The islands that are floating in the Caribbean Sea are the most visited highlands by Americans, Asians, and Europeans.

These sunny islands promise unmatched diversity in food and culture, flora and fauna, resorts, and overwater hotels.

Barbados is among the most visited islands for holidays.

Barbados is known for excellent churches and cathedrals, rum-based cocktails, and a gaiety atmosphere that sets it apart from other Caribbean islands.

The island of Barbados is the foremost bird-watching spot south of Florida. There is a separate web page for the birds of Barbados in Wikipedia that mentions over 220 species of birds. Among them, a range of very colorful ducks and geese are covered with their photos.

Among all the Caribbean islands, Barbados has the most number (25) beachfront resorts which are big attractor factor.

There are numerous beautiful beaches in Barbados that are always occupied the tourists and locals. Imagine the number of beaches in Barbados if its coastal length runs to about 120 km!

Therefore, Barbados is the number one island for holidays and repeat visits too.

  1. Malta


This is Valetta, the capital of Malta. The architecture looks historical and unique because Malta has been subjected to several reigns that include the Moors, Greeks, the French, the English, and finally the Romans, not in the same order, folks. Obviously, the last reign before independence was the mighty British.

Not many people know that Malta was once called Melita. Among the hundreds of Mediterranean islands for holidays, Malta is dear to the Italians and the Germans. Malta lies just 80 km off the coast of Italy.

History buffs love Malta’s megalithic buildings, walled communities, churches, and monuments.

It is strategically located close to Sicily, Tunisia, and Libya.

More than a million tourists go to Malta every year resulting in an increase in hotels, resorts, water sports, and restaurants.

The geography and the seascape of Malta are ideal for numerous water sports that include:

  • Surfing
  • Jet skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling

I would say, among the numerous Mediterranean islands that include the Greek and Italian islands, Malta stands unique and command repeat visits. It is surely ‘the island for holidays in the Mediterranean Sea.

  1. Singapore

Singapore, a tiny island country is probably the most visited island for holidays, and that too, 90% of the visitors definitely plan a second visit.

The reason for such repeated visits to Singapore is because of the island’s excellent tourism infrastructure.

In addition, Singapore suits all of the budget travelers with cheap lodging and boarding. The local metro transport is also dirt cheap.

The tourist attractions in Singapore demand a whole week’s holiday.

Another big advantage of Singapore as a repeated holiday destination is its proximity to Malaysia, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Asia. In fact, you can go to Malaysia from Singapore by luxury bus.

  1. Sri Lanka

The former Ceylon is a darling of the budget travelers to the islands of the world. Sri Lanka’s tropical jungles, tea estates on the hilly slopes, and sunny beaches are perennial attractions.

Two national parks are great for wildlife watching, riding on the back of well-trained elephants.  If you are lucky and alert, you can spot the Blue Magpie, one of the stunning looking birds in the world.

It is an endemic bird to Sri Lanka.

Tourists from all parts of the world visit Sri Lanka throughout the year. To cater to their high tastes and luxury preferences, there are as many as twenty-five beach-facing luxury resorts in Colombo and in some other coastal cities.

The Lankans have considerably adapted to the western culture that can be easily seen in the architecture and comforts of the beach villas and resorts.

See an example of a resort named “Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon”. I read this is the best resort in all of Sri Lanka.


Look at their gallery of images here and you will agree with its top ranking.

The island nation’s tea has a distinct aroma and is highly exported to western countries. Various other spices of Sri Lanka are well respected in the world.

If you are looking for a cheap island for holidays, Sri Lanka should be your first choice.

  1. Bali


The Image points to the terraced rice fields in Bali, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and in Bali too.

Bali is ranked among the top ten islands for holidays. The Balinese Hindu culture, the Hindu temples in Bali, the various Balinese Hindu festivals and dances, the eye-catching costumes of Balinese women are the deciding factors for Bali to beg a second visit.

Moreover, it is awarded as the top tourist destination in the world. Divers frequent Bali several times a year because of its diverse coral reefs that are several times more than the entire Caribbean reefs.

Bali’s beautiful beaches are the biggest attractor factor for the Europeans. See below for just one example.

Kuta Beach

This is Kuta Beach in Bali

Other Bali beaches that are responsible for Bali’s high influx of tourists include:

  • Seminyak
  • Sanur
  • Jimbaran
  • Bingin
  • Suluban
  • Balangan Beach

Regarding places to stay, I think Bali has the most number luxury beach resorts in all of the world’s top touristy islands.

I would rate two places of interest in Bali as the sole reason for tourism.

  • Sacred Monkey Forest and temple
  • Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot

This is a seaside temple in Bali that alone can command a repeat visit to Bali.

This tourist attraction in Bali looks similar to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari, India.

Now, do you see why Bali Island is listed among the islands that command repeat visits?

  1. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The whole of Mexico occupies a very thick and dark spot on the tourist radar. The vast stretches of beaches, private island resorts, the sumptuous Mexican food attract visitors from all over the world. Additionally, there is no such tourist season in Mexico; it enjoys a great number of tourists, right through the year.

Isla Mujeres means  “Island of Women” . Is that a valid reason for its ‘islands for holiday’ category listing? Oh, I am just joking. I think the island itself is more beautiful than its women.

Another reason for its tourism popularity is its safety to the tourists. In fact, it is the safest place in Mexico to enjoy Mexican fare.

Its strategic location in the Gulf of Mexico is considered as the gateway to the Caribbean paradises, splendid Belize, and even the Florida Keys.

Another place in Mexico that is famous among American tourists is the Yucatan Peninsula which is just 13 km away from Isla de Mujeres.

The sea off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is a world-famous surfing spot.

Why Isla de Mujeres is a haven for connoisseurs?

Travel bloggers’, especially the foodie bloggers’ and professional eaters’ (yes, they get paid to eat and review) favorite place is this Mexican island because not only they can taste real and authentic Mexican fare but also the cuisines of Thai (very far off from Mexico), Caribbean, Italian, French, and Mayan cuisines.

  1. Kauai

Waipoo Waterfalls

I will just post a few images taken from this Hawaiian Island and let us say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to its status as one of the terrific islands for holiday.

  • Na Pali Coast State Park
  • Waimea Canyon
  • Waipoo Waterfalls
  • Wailua Falls

Enough? Are you convinced?

Kauai is one of the largest Hawaiian Islands comprising a huge 1450 sq km!

The island’s lush greenery, rainforests, and gardens got its name “Garden Isle”.

The mountains, the waterfalls, and the tropical forests comprise numerous scenic hiking trails which is another big tourist attraction for the adventure buffs and naturalists.

Above all, people go there for the second time clearly avoiding the two other big islands of Hawaii namely Maui and Oahu mainly because Kauai is more peaceful and much greener. It retains the original fragrance of a tropical island.

Because of high tourist demands, Kauai Island is loaded with ultra-luxury resorts and health retreats.

Reaching Kauai Island

Apart from direct flights from several American states, one can always reach Honolulu first and then take another flight to Kauai.

Considering lesser crowds, Kauai is certainly a repeat visit holiday destination among island lovers.

Some Greek and Thai Islands may also protest my shortlist of just 6 islands that are worthy of a second visit.

When the protests come via comments, I will think of increasing this list of famous islands for holidays.