Best Resorts in the Caribbean Islands

Best Resorts in the Caribbean Islands

Browse through this list of some of the top hotels and best resorts in the Caribbean. Moreover, get to know the best resort on the Caribbean Island.

I think the Caribbean Islands are slowly opening up after painful lockdown days. Lockdown doesn’t suit the Caribbean Islands. They are meant for fun and gaiety.

Do you know the world’s most visited islands for holidays are located in the Caribbean Sea? This includes the exotic islands of Bahamas and Bermudas!

Naturally, to meet the needs of year-long tourists’ needs, there are numerous hotels, resorts, beach cottages, treehouses, and even water villas in the Caribbean Islands.

List of 7 Best Resorts in the Caribbean

  1. Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia
  2. Tensing Pen, Negril, Jamaica
  3. Varadero Beach Resort, Cuba
  4. Eden Roc, Cap Cana, Dominica
  5. Fowl Cay Resort, Bahamas
  6. Sapphire Beach Resort, Belize
  7. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Aruba

Best resorts in the Caribbean are expensive but still, they are always booked well in advance.

Best Resorts in the Caribbean in Detail

Seafront hotels and beach cabanas are also in good demand right through the year. Let me show you some of the top hotels in the Caribbean and also some of the best resorts in the Caribbean Islands.

  1. Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

Jade Resort

Credit: Jade Mountain Resort

St.Lucia is certainly one of the under-visited islands among all the Caribbean Islands. Its beauty cannot be put into a few hundred words; you have to go to the island to see it.

It is not just enough to make a flying visit to St. Lucia. You must stay there for a weekend and that too in one of the all-inclusive resorts.

Jade Mountain Resort is highly recommended in St. Lucia. Once you open their website, you will see a short video that shows all the facilities and locational advantage of the Jade Mountain resort. If you don’t instantly fall in love with what you see, then, islands are not for you.

Generally, all the best resorts in the Caribbean islands are famous for ultra-modern spas and fitness studios. Jade Mountain resort has more than one spa.

Other facilities in Jade Mountain resort include:

  • Infinity pool
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Water sports

( Stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing, and surfing)

For birders, Jade Mountain resort organizes bird watching tours in St. Lucia.

When you are planning a trip to St. Lucia Island, stay in Jade Mountain Resort, the best resort in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

  1. Tensing Pen, Negril, Jamaica


Best Resorts in the Caribbean Tensing Pen

Tensing Pen

The reason for this top resort in Jamaica is its location. I think this hotel in Jamaica is one of the sunniest in the Caribbean.

Tensing Pen is q large property facing the Caribbean Sea. It offers various types of rooms with different views of the Jamaican island.

You can opt to stay in a palatial bungalow or just laze around in a log house that is rustic but with modern amenities. There are two cottages bearing attractive names Red Birch Cottage and Rock Cottage.

Tensing Pen in Jamaica attracts adventure enthusiasts with numerous external adventure activities that include sailing, solo kayaking, zip-lining, horse riding, and snorkeling.

For full details about the facilities, food, and lodging, please visit their website.

  1. Varadero Beach Resort, Cuba

The full name of this top resort in Cuba is Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa.

Varadero Resort is a 5-star hotel. As its name is quite long  while mentioning it in a travel guide, I am going to use Varadero Resort.

Cuba Island in the Caribbean is not a favorite of Europeans and Asian tourists. They rather prefer Jamaica, St.Lucia, or Barbados.

However, the American’s are crazy about holidaying in Cuba. Cuba is comparatively less crowded than other Caribbean Islands. That means the prices are also competitive in Cuba beach resorts or any all-inclusive resorts.

Varadero Resort is categorized under 5-star hotels in Cuba. They offer an enviable all-inclusive package which is eagerly grabbed by the tourists. They love the spa in the resort.

Of all the beaches in Cuba, Varadero Beach is the most visited beach because it is slightly far off from Cuba’s capital Havana. The distance is 135 km.

Your all-inclusive package in Varadero means you can enjoy some of the finest luxuries in the Caribbean.

Apart from serving the holidaymakers, Varadero Resort is a coveted place for corporate conferences and weddings too.

  1. Eden Roc, Cap Cana, Dominica

Eden Roc

Eden Roc

Dominica is a real jewel among all the Caribbean Islands. Those who pride themselves on possessing rich taste and an eye for luxury combined with privacy, know the preciousness of Dominica Island.

The best resort in Dominica is Eden Roc. It offers rooms with a stunning view of the blue Caribbean Sea. The rooms are called villas and suites.

The amenities include a spa without which, no resort in the Caribbean will attract tourists.

As a privileged guest, you can enjoy the luxury of eating and drinking in your room. Room service is anytime a special luxury in any hotel.

Punta Cana International Airport is where you will land. Since the airport is at quite a distance, the hotel offers you to bring in.

Wi-fi and breakfast are complimentary.

You can check-in at a convenient 3 pm slot and check out around noon the next day.

  1. Fowl Cay Resort, Bahamas

Fowl Cay Best Resorts in the Caribbean

Fowl Cay Resort

The Bahamas is one of the richest independent countries in the world. I read it ranks third richest country, next to the U.S. and Canada.

Naturally, the highly visited holiday destination is quite expensive for tourists. Among all the beachfront resorts and hotels in the Bahamas, the Fowl Cay Resort is rated as the best resort in the Caribbean.

The resort itself is located in Fowl Cay, one of the cays of Bahamas.

The resort offers villa type of accommodations facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Bahamas islands are cyclone prone. Hence, please avoid traveling to the Bahamas from June to November.

Starlight Villa and Seabreeze Villa are the names of the villas. The names of the villas of the Fowl Cay are indicative of what can you expect in the resort.

Though the Bahamas is located in the Atlantic Ocean, for convenience sake, it can be called a Caribbean Island because several popular islands of the Caribbean are Bahamas’ neighbors.

In addition, the Bahamas is the closest island to the United States. Bahamas’ westernmost part is only 80 km from Florida’s Miami Beach.

Out of the 700 islands and islets of Bahamas, Bimini is the westernmost island that is close to Miami.

However, Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas is around 300 km away from Miami, Florida.

For further details about the resort, please visit their website.

  1. Sapphire Beach Resort, Belize

Sapphire Beach Resort

Sapphire Beach Resort

Belize is a beautiful Caribbean country. Moreover, it is one of the least populated counties in the Caribbean and hence suits tourists who look just to unwind and recoup the lost appetite for life.

One of the top hotels in the Caribbean islands is the Sapphire Beach Resort, Belize.

The above image of the bedroom balcony facing the Caribbean Sea is suggestive of how your stay will be in Belize.

Contact Sapphire Beach Resort, Belize by visiting their website.

  1. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Aruba

Aruba is an island country in the Caribbean and it belongs to the Netherlands.

The spa facilities in Manchebo oceanfront all-inclusive resort in Aruba Island is certainly one of the finest spa resorts in the Caribbean.

The all-inclusive facilities in Mumchebo Resort mean, your tariff includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

The food served by Munchebo Resort is world-class. The food alone makes you extend your stay for added benefits.

To book your choice of sea-view rooms, go to their website.

Munchebo Resort is one of the best resorts in the Caribbean.

Holidaymakers to the Caribbean islands don’t prefer to stay inside the city. Sea-view resorts and hotels are top priorities.

These seven staying options are some of the best resorts and top hotels in the Caribbean.