What You Should Know about Flotilla Holidays on World’s Exotic Cruising Grounds

Luxury Yacht Flotilla Holidays

Unfurling the sails is not everyone’s cup of tea; however, those for whom true holidaying means sailing with freedom. In fact, such adventurous travelers don’t like to moor for longer duration. They just would like to get carried away in their luxury yacht by the wind. What if many like-minded persons decide to go on a cruise as a group in the Greek Islands or Croatia archipelago? They approach a flotilla holidays organizer and book a week of cruising on the Aegean sea.

Who is a flotilla holidays organizer?

When you book your cruising tour along with your group of friends and their families, a flotilla holidays company will ask you to choose a yacht. Once that’s settled, the flotilla holidays operator will arrange a lead yacht with expert sailors and the other yachts with the passengers will follow the leading ship. It’s like a school of ducklings that tail their mother.

Flotilla Holidays

Flotilla vacations are thrilling and memorable. A social sailing is self-revealing and relaxed. You enjoy the privacy during your time on the water and at the same time mix with other passengers from various countries during the dinner time when all the yachts are moored in an island.

Who is the skipper of your yacht?

If you know how to sail your ship, then, you are the skipper. However, the flotilla holidays organizer will help you hire a skipper for you.

What will be the cost of renting a yacht per day?

The cost depends on the type of the vessel you want. Yachts come in varied sizes fitted with basic to luxury amenities. An all-inclusive charter will cost more than $50k per week. The all-inclusive yacht includes the cost of fuel, skipper fees, drinks, and food, etc.

How long will a flotilla vacation last?

You decide the duration of your cruise vacation. It may be a week or two weeks ‘ flotilla holidays  ’.

The route of the flotilla holidays.

The route of the cruise along with the everyday port of call will be decided by the flotilla holiday tour operator. All the cruising details that include the itinerary, dinner time and menu, recommended restaurants and local cuisine, other activities at each stop in a small or big island will be furnished in a neat brochure.

How many flotilla holidays routes are there?

The most used flotilla route is to cruise on the Aegean Sea and visiting the myriad Greek islands, islets, and atolls. This is because the Greek islands are not located far away from each other and the moorings are planned in such a way that you don’t spend much time on the water. This intelligent plan suits the tourists as the majority of them are first-timers. They always want to see many islands mainly to boast around.

The other flotilla sailing grounds are:

  • Croatia,
  • The British Virgin Islands,
  • Turkey,
  • Spain

Frequent sailors prefer to explore other flotilla holidays destinations.

The freedom of sailing on your own

Even though you are part of the social sailing, you are free to wander a bit from other yachts just to admire an uninhabited island or to watch a school of dolphins that suddenly decide to entertain you, or indulge in a bit of snorkeling. Surely, you will be tempted to explore a lot but sail only as far as the crow flies. Anyway, you will sail as per the given route and join others when the sun sets.

Help from the lead crew.

The lead crew will help you to unfurl the sails and moor the vessel. For anything that you find it tough to manage, you can depend on either your experienced skipper or on the expert lead crew.

Other activities on ground

Whenever you anchor your yacht in the evening, you join the other passengers and explore the island on foot. You can meet the native people, ask about their way of life and accept whatever the hospitality is given to you. There is always the bonfire, boozing, and dancing on the beach. A dinner on the beach on a remote island will be truly exciting.

What do you pay for your flotilla holidays cruise?

Your price is inclusive of the rental for the sailboat, kitchen needs, drinking water, the toiletries, etc. Of course, the fee for your crew and the lead crew, any navigation gears that you may need are also included.

On board drinks and food is your cost.

Flotilla Holidays sail boat

Maintenance staff.

Oh yes, along with your skipper, a technician will be on board with you to ensure the smooth running of the boat.
How will the children be engaged on shore?

Some flotilla companies will appoint an ‘Activities coordinator’ who is trained to engage the children in several beach games.

Some tips for the flotilla holidays

  • Research well before you decide on your cruise route.
  • Note the places of your interest and show your notes to the skipper to take you there.
  • Gain knowledge about the local food so that you are mentally and physically prepared.
  • Pack well without compromising; after all, you have a yacht for yourself.
  • Take some cookies and candies to give away to the local children
  • Pack several tubes of sunscreen cream tubes.
  • Don’t forget to take mosquito repellents.

My recommendation of popular flotilla holidays sailing grounds.

If you choose to hit the Mediterranean Sea to see the Greek islands, you study about the following islands and then decide.

  • The Ionian Islands
  • Peloponnese peninsula
  • Ithaca
  • Cephalonia
  • Corfu
  • Rhodes
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Crete

All these islands and islets may not fall under a specific route. Your flotilla company knows better. Listen to them but do not forget to stop at a few uninhabited islands to experience the silence except the sound of waves and the calls of Sea Gulls.

 Flotilla Holidays Cruising

I read the Caribbean Sea is also an ideal place to sail in a group. The ocean water is said to be warm and small islets are tourist-friendly.

There are about 1100+ islands in Croatia that makes them attractive cruise destinations. Experienced sailors choose the Croatian islands as they challenge their sailing skills and tolerance power.

So, that’s all about flotilla holidays. Passionate travelers would certainly prefer to sail leisurely than to fly in and out of vacation destinations in a jiffy. Flotilla holidays are ideal for a group of families, college students’ study tour, and corporate employees.