Most Remote Island in the World for Vacation

Most Remote Island in the World for Vacation

 Have you ever wanted to boast that you have just returned from one of the most remote island in the world?

Did you receive numerous and envious ‘wow’ for your social sharing that said about your recent vacation to a most remote island in the world?

Do you wish to know more such remote vacation spots in the world where you can feel you have the entire world to just yourself?

For example, how do you like to spend a full day in the house (above image) that is perched on a rock in the middle of River Drina in Serbia?

Drina River House

The Drina River House in twilight.

Oh, that was for your information only, boss! That isolated house is not for rent to anyone. It just lies there to be photographed by thousands of people as a symbol of isolation and remoteness.

If you are an adventure traveler as I assume, you would certainly would at least want to know the names of places that are located in most remote islands in the world if not yet ready to plan your vacation.

These most remote islands in the world are located hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from reasonable civilization but still are considered as ‘tourism worthy’.


  1. Most Remote Island in the World- Tristan, South Atlantic Ocean

Most Remote Island in the World- Tristan

Tristan’s full name is Tristan da Cunha. At the outset, let us gauge its remoteness if we can. The nearest landmass to Tristan Islands is some 2400 km away. Cape Town is that nearest gateway to Tristan.

Tristan da Cunha Map

Tristan island is actually an archipelago comprising a few more islands and the chief among them is the Gough Island and the Inaccessible Island (what a name!). The Nightingale Islands also are part of the Tristan archipelago.

Tristan is a most remote island in the world but there are people occupying it. I believe around three hundred people are permanently residing in Tristan.

If you find means to set your feet on these islands also when you go to stay in Tristan, you can really blare your daring trips.

All these islands of Tristan are British Overseas Territories.

How to reach Tristan Island?

There is no way you can fly to this remote island in the world (the remotest island in the world). Therefore, brace yourself to hear this. You can only go by a ferry from Cape Town, South Africa and the voyage takes approximately 6 days!

Why you should visit Tristan Island?

Well, if your interests include seeing wildlife of world’s farthest places, you would not hesitate to pack your backpack and proceed to Tristan.

Wildlife of Tristan Island.

The birds of Tristan and Gough Islands are so much exotic and protected that they come under the BirdLife International Organization.

Sea birds are easily spotted in Tristan that include:

  • Atlantic yellow-nosed albatross
  • Several species of Petrels such as Atlantic petrels, great-winged petrels, soft-plumaged petrels, grey petrels
  • Northern Rockhopper Penguin
  • Antarctic Terns
  • Amur Falcon
  • Tristan Thrush
  • Inaccessible Island Rail

Surprisingly, Tristan Island has several comfortable hotels. I believe bird watchers are increasingly visiting Tristan Island.

Look, if you want to spend your hard-earned holiday by living a simple and stress-free life, well away from noise and dust, go to Tristan Islands.

  1. Easter Island One of the Most Remote Island in the World

Ah, Polynesia, the perpetual island attraction for nature buffs has hidden treasures and food that you have never tasted.

Easter Island One of the Most Remote Island in the World

The half statues are called “Moai” or “Easter Island Heads”. They installed by the permanent residents of this most remote island in the world and far off vacation spot. The natives called “Rapa Nui” and they have claimed the Easter Island sometime in 13th century. The natives are actually from Chile.

After seeing the sanctity of Moai, the UNESCO decided to protect this site under its World Heritage belt and even established the Rapa Nui National Park.

Easter Island is still a Chile property.

How far is Easter Island from any nearest landmass?

Though you can approach the Easter Island from Santiago, Chile, the nearest island from where you can access Easter Island is Pitcairn Island that is located at whopping 2100 km away!

The secluded location, assured peace, relaxed life, delectable food, and friendly weather make the Easter Island as one the most remote island in the world.

What to see in Easter Island?

  • Rano Raraku volcano
  • Moai monuments
  • Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum
  • Playa de Anakena white sand beach

How to reach Easter Island?

From where you depart, you reach Santiago, the capital of Chile first. From Chile, a weekly flight deposits you in Hanga Roa after six hours flying time.

Hotels to stay in Easter Island

Don’t worry, mate! There are adequate hotels to stay in Easter Island. If you really want a perfect peace during your holiday, dream a trip to Easter Island, one of the most remote island in the world.

  1. Most Remote Island in the World: Aogashima, Japan

Most Remote Island in the World for Vacation Aogashima, Japan

The image is of Aogashima volcano that is located in the island of Aogashima, Japan. It is certainly a volcanic island and some of its calderas are situated beneath the Philippine Sea.

The Aogashima Island is not very remote when compared with Tristan and Easter Island. Japan’s Tokyo under which the island is administered is located just 380 km.

However, the Aogashima’s tough accessibility places the island as one of the most remote island in the world.

How to reach Aogashima Island?

From Tokyo, you have to board a plane for Hachijō-jima Island. This is located just about 80 km before Aogashima. The next leg of your journey is through a ferry to Aogashima or by a chopper.

Hotels in Aogashima

Yes, there are a few staying options in this remote holiday spot in the world.

I came to know about 12 more, most remote island in the world. I looked into them and concluded that they are not ‘tour worthy’ though some tourists go there but I believe they may not repeat their trip.

They are not suitable to the majority of the holidaymakers and therefore, I have not covered those Most Remote Islands in the World in this blog post.