Lanzarote Island Travel Guide

Lanzarote Island Travel Guide

This is where you can find the Lanzarote Island, one of the Spanish Islands, that is floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

doesn’t reveal the North African nation Morocco, which is just 100 km east of the Canaries.

The Canaries archipelago comprises 8 main islands. Lanzarote Island is the 3rd largest island.

Size of Lanzorate:

Occupying a land area of around 900, the island is quite large. Its length is 60 km!

How to go to Lanzarote?

For adventure lovers and sea farers, ferry from Spain is quite a good option. The sea passage involves 26 hours.

By flight from mainland Spain, the journey takes roughly 3 hours.

The distance between the two places is 1100 km!

If flight is your option to visit Lanzarote, you will land in the city of Arrecife. Incidentally, it is the capital city.

Madrid is the best option to take your flight from, to go to Lanzarote. Barcelona is farther by 400 km.

The extraordinary natural beauty and the range of wildlife and marine life attracted the attention of UNESCO and got the status of Biosphere Reserve.

Lanzarote Island Travel Guide

  1. Timanfaya National Park

Located in the heart of the island, this national park is the biggest attraction for nature lovers. The entire island is volcanic but its last eruption occurred nearly 300 years ago. So, there is nothing worry for touring the island.

Timanfaya Volcano

There are a couple of trails in the National park. You can either depend on your legs or that of a camel to hike through.

I believe there is trail for driving a car but this access is limited. As a matter of fact, being a Biosphere Reserve, human traffic is highly regulated.

Surprisingly, there is not much information about the wildlife that is found in the National park.

I watched a few videos of the Timanfaya National Park but none of them was worthy of sharing here.

  1. Puerto del Carmen Beach

There is a city in the same name on Lanzarote and is the most visited place of pristine beaches, and clean sir.

Puerto del Carmen

Over a million tourists come here every year. That is an impressive statistics for tourism,

  1. Hacha Grande Mountain

It is a hiker’s favorite. The mountain’s peak stands at just 1800 feet. This encourages even mere onlookers to climb up to the summit for breathtaking ocean views.

  1. Salinas de Janubio

As the name indicates, these are salt flats. It is a rare sight; so don’t miss it. You don’t stumble onto salt flats frequently.

  1. El Golfo

This is the most beautiful place in Lanzarato. It is close to the Atlantic Ocean. You can’t get into the lagoon to splash around. Being a nature reserve, it is prohibited to enter the water.

  1. Beaches in Lanzarote

With 190 km of coastline, the Spanish Island has nearly 100 beaches. As a volcanic island, the sand is black but some beaches sport golden sand.


El Charco de los Clicos

This is a lagoon on the crater of a volcanic mountain. Here, the water gets the green color from the moss.

In spite of swimming and surfing prohibition in the majority of the beaches in Lanzarote because of unconducive condition, the black beaches attract incredibly large number of visitors, just to see the smooth, black sand on the Atlantic shores around the island.

  1. Meet thw Majos Tribe

Majos tribe have been living on this Spanish Island since 1000 BC! Meeting them would give invaluable insight into their culture and tradition.

However, this cultural rendezvous is possible, only if you brought your car in the ferry.

The local bus won’t cover every nook and corner of the island.

  1. Mount Guanapay

It is a small volcano that ceased to erupt centuries ago. In fact, there are the remains of a castle there. It houses a museum too. It is a pirate museum.

Some 600 years ago, Lanzarote was frequently attacked by the pirates. But there was nothing to take away from an un-developed island that is too far off from mainland Spain.

  1. Catcus Garden

The name of the cactus garden is Jardin De. It was created by the local celebrity Cesar Manrique. He was a sculptor.

Some of the cacti have grown into gigantic proportions.

The cacti species are numbered over several hundred. To me, this is the best attraction in Lanzarote Island.

The effort seems to be inhuman.

Staying in Lanzarote Island

Ever since the island’s secluded natural beauty and its black sand beaches were known to the Spaniards and Africans, the island quickly raised its infrastructures.

You can find many options to stay. The best hotels and cafes are located in an area called Puerto Calero.

It is a good place to shop and eat.

If you are used to the comforts and luxuries, go to the southern part of the island. It is known as Playa Blanca.

Here, you can stay in high-end spa resorts or spacious beachfront villas.

Local foods of Lanzarote.

  • Papas Arrugdas

This is a very special potato fry in Lanzarote. Being cultivated in volcanic soil, it has black skin that is also wrinkled but it tastes delicious. You can find it in every kind of eatery on the island. You and I may not tolerate the high salt content.

Try to buy some edible gift such as the locally made goat cheese.

Well, if you are staying in North America, you are not likely to cross the Atlantic Ocean to visit Lanzarote Island.

However, Spaniards, and Moroccans are known to spend their weekend in the Canaries archipelago.