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Travel Guide to Coron Island Philippines

Coron Island Philippines

Learn how to reach Coron Island Philippines archipelago, know about places to see in Coron Island, what to eat and drink in Coron Island, hotels and hostels to stay in Coron Island. This is a handy travel guide to Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines. Before reading any further, watch a short video clip below. Please open the ‘full screen’ view on your desktop. Again I request you to watch the video on your desktop computer in the ‘full-screen […]

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8 Islands That Wear Pink Sand Beaches

Pink Sand Beaches

Know these islands that wear pink sand beaches, which are stunningly beautiful and rare. The word ‘beach’ brings a picture of golden-colored sand in front of us. Golden color may be an exaggeration, but it is the nearest color that attributed to the majority of the beaches in the world. There are beaches that wear various colored sand such as: White Golden Black Red Pink Green Of all these colors, I would say pink is really an […]

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Beautiful and Gorgeous Bahamas Islands

Bahamas Islands

Which Bahamas Islands are touristy? Which islands of the Bahamas are favorites of Americans? Know about the best of Bahamas Islands that you can go, enjoy a breezy weekend, eat the world’s very rare fish, and return to Florida. Overview of Bahamas Islands The Bahamas is an archipelago called Bahamas archipelago Lucayan Archipelago. The chain of islands consists of 700 islands, islets, and Cays. There is a mention of the Cays (that are just coral reefs but […]

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Greek Islands: 6 inconspicuous Islands to Visit

Greek Islands Santorini

Know these inconspicuous Greek islands so that you can plan your next island vacation where there is more room for you. At the outset, I am mad about cruising to Greek Islands located in the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Ocean. I fell in love with them ever since I read a detailed travelogue by a friend of mine. I remember reading that to avoid big tourist presence, visit some islands in Greece where the tourist crowd is […]

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Flores Island Complete Travel Guide for Budget Backpackers

Flores Island

This is a complete travel guide to visit Flores Island, Indonesia.  The travel guide includes an overview and location of Flores Island, how to reach Flores Island, places of tourist attractions, hotels to stay, local food delicacies to eat in Flores Island, and what to shop as souvenirs. An overview of Flores Island, Indonesia. “Flores” means ‘flower’ in Portuguese who gave the island its name. Flores is clearly an underrated Indonesian Island. While the other big names […]

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French Polynesian Islands: 14 Isolated Islands and Atolls to Visit

French Polynesian Islands

French Polynesian islands are also called Tahitian Islands because the main island and the most visited of all the French Polynesian Islands is Tahiti. In addition, Tahiti is the gateway for all the other less-crowded and isolated Polynesian Islands. Overview of French Polynesian Islands I wonder why these islands, islets, and atolls on the South Pacific Ocean are called “French Polynesia”, as all the Polynesian Islands are the outposts of France. Why not call just “Polynesia” denoting […]

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Which are the Sweden islands are Tour-Worthy?

Sweden islands

Get to know the tour worthy islands of Scandinavia, more particularly Sweden. In addition, gain insight into how many islands are in Sweden alone and how many Sweden islands are inhabited The popular concept of Scandinavian countries includes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. If you add Finland and Iceland also, it would mean Scandinavian Peninsula. In this blog post, I will tell you which are the islands in Scandinavia, mostly Swedish islands that attract tourists on a large […]

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Sizzling Cities and Towns in Sicily to Visit

Cities and Towns in Sicily

If you are thinking of making a trip to Italy’s Sicily, you better know about some sizzling cities and towns in Sicily. This blog post will be full of useful information about traveling to sizzling cities and towns in Sicily, their cathedrals and seaside castles. I am giving below just an image of a typical residential locality in Sicily. The atmosphere is colorful and the mood is laid back. It seems no one will ever hurry in […]

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Travel guide to Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

Travel guide to Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

For offbeat islands getaways in Europe, Portugal is the best choice. The islands and islets that belong to the European country Portugal are diverse and remote. In this blog post, I have covered the largest of Portuguese island Sao Miguel.In this detailed travel guide I have described Things to do in San Miguel Island. At the outset, I will tell you why I used the word ‘offbeat’ when talking about the Portugal islands. The most visited and […]

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8 Most Beautiful Little Known European Islands

Little Known European Islands

Get to know some of the most beautiful European Islands that are popular only among die-hard nature lovers and island buffs. In short, these are little known European Islands. Island getaways are favorite destinations only among travelers who simply love the idea of going by boat or yacht to distant islands. For such a category of travelers, the first choice would be Europe. From my personal experience, I would vehemently say European Islands’ beauty, charm, virgin beaches, […]

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