Malapascua Island Travel Guide

The Visayan Sea is the host of Malapascua Island. As a matter of fact, it hosts all the islands of Visayan.

Visayan archipelago is part of the Philippines. It is located in the central Philippines.

As you are aware, the Philippines is one of the largest archipelagos in the world, comprising 7641 islands.

It seems the Visayan islands are not yet counted accurately because, that information is just not available.

However, 7 main islands are mentioned as highly visited island destinations in the Philippines.

The 7 main Visayan islands are:

  • Cebu
  • Negros
  • Bohol
  • Samar
  • Panay
  • Masbate
  • Leyte

Our subject, Malapascua Island is not in that list. It means, it is one of the lesser-visited islands in the Visayan region.

To the left of them, you see the famous Palawan province in the form of a narrow, and long strip; its southern tip is almost touching Malaysia.

The Visayan chain of island is as large as Luzon, and Mindanao islands.

Location of Maspascua

Did you notice another large, and lengthy island, south of Maspascua. It is Cebu Island. There is a small strait in between Cebu and Malapascua.

Size of the island

It is a tiny island measuring just 2.5 km long and only a km wide. You can easily walk around and across the island.

How to go to Maspascua Island?

Cebu is the gateway. Cebu has an international airport in the city of Lapu-Lapu. The capital Cebu City is close by the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

From Lapu-Lapu city, you need to go up to the New Maya harbor in Cebu. A boat will cross the strait and dock at Malapascua port in only 30 minutes.

The boat is an outrigger boat. I think the voyage of half an hour is not a comfortable transfer.


The New Maya Port that is situated at the northern tip of Cebu Island is 6 hours bus journey away from Cebu City.

If you want comfort and privacy, rent a taxi from Cebu City. This mode of private transport involves only three hours.

Hotels to stay in Maspascua.

Most tourists would plan a day trip from Cebu Island. However, there are a few hotels on the island that offer boarding too apart from lodging.

The cheapest is the Aabana Water Sport Resort that offers thatched-roof cottages on the beachfront.

A couple of cheap lodging facilities are available in New Maya Port in Cebu. Day trippers to Malapascua can make use of this facility.

Malapascua Island Travel Guide

  1. Scuba Diving

Somehow, among the thousands of islands in the Philippines, this tiny paradise became famous as a scuba diving haven.

The marine creatures called “Thresher Shark” are frequent visitors to the water off the shores of this island.

It seems they decided to give company to the underwater swimmers.

  1. Visiting the top beaches

If you are vacationing on a tropical island, naturally, you would be spending maximum time either on the beach or on the water.

Bounty Beach somehow got popular and the majority of the tourists assemble here early in the morning or at dusk.

The video below shows you the entire island and also the Bounty Beach which is on the southern coast of the island, abutting the small strait that divides the island from Cebu island.

Shot aerially, the video enables you to gauge the small size of the island.

On all sides of the island, you can see quite a lot of coconut trees. The sand looks to be white in color.

Two more beaches that are worth setting afoot:

  • Logon Beach
  • Guimbitayan Beach

There is a restobar on the beach. Don’t imagine a swanky outlet, boss! The bar table is mostly set on the sand with a big sheet underneath.

Of course, you sit under the shadow of a tree. Enjoy the drink while gazing at the infinite water.

  1. Visit a few other islands

The Philippines archipelago comprises thousands of islets that are floating near inhabited islands. They are worth visiting because of quaint beaches, turtles’ nests, and aquatic birds.

Near Malapascua, you can see the following islands.

  • Monad Shoal
  • Gato Island
  • Kemod Shoal
  • Carnaza Island

The island hopping adventure is possible only for those who stay on the island.

What is a ‘shoal’?

It is a water body near the shore where the depth is just about 6 feet.  Usually, you can see and walk on a visible sandbar beneath the water.

You can clearly see hundreds of fish species below the water. It is a unique experience to spot shoals, and get in.

Both the Monad Shoal and the Kemod Shoal are considered as diving spots.

Scuba diving video in Monad Shoal.

Apart from Thresher Sharks, the divers can spot the elusive Manta Rays also.

The rare Thresher Sharks are spotted only here. That explains why the Malapascua is a favorite among scuba divers.

  1. Go to Kalanggaman Sandbar

You can say a sandbar is also an island, but a sandbar is usually devoid of any other living being. However, this a bigger sandbar with threes~

Sandbars are wonderful geographical features. Film makers are always on the hunt for these picturesque pieces of land surrounded by water on all sides.

This is Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island

Isn’t it a spectacular site?

You should spend a night on this island. It is an ideal place for star gazing.

Some cottages and a few restrooms are built on the island. However, the island has no electric power.

The distance between the Malapascua and Kalanggaman islands is just 30 km.

Apart from the diverse marine lives, snorkelers are eager to get into the water to see the colorful coral reefs.

You can spot a number of outrigger boats, docked on the water.

The island is an ideal place for those who wish to unwind on a tropical island with less crowds and noise.